My world was rocked the other day. I realized I had W.A.H.S.

The diagnosis was quite unexpected.

I was minding my own business, having a quiet time with the Lord. My daily reading was John 21. Jesus has a conversation about love and sheep feeding with Peter. Peter assured Jesus that he did indeed love Him and would most certainly feed and take of care of the lambs and sheep (To see the full conversation- John 21:15-17). Jesus then speaks prophetic words concerning Peter’s death, which no doubt had to be a wet blanket on the “Yes, I love you” part of the conversation.

Upon hearing this news, Peter looks at John (a.k.a. as “the one Jesus loved”) and sticks his foot in his mouth by asking, “Lord, what about him?” [Insert pregnant pause] Peter had once again gotten side tracked with what was happening with others. He was concerned about “him.” The exchange between Jesus and Peter stung my spirit. In an instant I knew I had W.A.H.S.

Yep….a terrible case of What About Her Syndrome.

You see, before I opened my Bible that morning I had spent some time pouring out complaints (Psalm 142:2) before the Lord, which is scriptural and healthy, but to be honest, it probably sounded more like a pity party for one because these weren’t new complaints. These were issues that should have been settled a long time ago. I feel certain as the Lord heard me He said something like, “Really, are we going here again?”

In days and weeks prior, my feelings had been hurt by people I love. In the midst of a book release, other blessings, and just a general closeness to God, I lost sight of Him and wondered about “her.” Yes, like Peter, I had once again gotten distracted by what was happening with others.

That morning the Spirit did its work and convicted me (John 16:8). The Word did its work by judging the attitude and thoughts of my heart (Hebrew 4:12). And I did my work and confessed my sin. Oh, the beautiful, glorious, and gracious work of the Lord. He loves us too much to leave us like we are.

I’m thankful for a Great Physician who makes house calls. (Well, actually, He will meet us anywhere.)




  1. I so can relate to the WAHS… Thankfully God can rearrange the letters and WASH my sin away… Thank you for today’s devotion and a reminder to ask God to help me rearrange the letters of my life!

  2. I am beyond frustrated and overwhelmed waiting! Our home was destroyed by a storm in July and we are still in temporary housing. Waiting to find the “right” house to call home. Waiting to see if my Social security disability goes through. Waiting for surgery in a precancerous situation. Husband has been off work, waiting to see my if he can ever go back. Trying to figure out how to pay bills with no income. And the holidays are coming. I need strength to wait and trust
    God has this all under control!

  3. Both waiting and WAHS are challenges I face often. It’s great to start the week remembering to give it all to God and TRUST Him completely!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these encouraging words. I can truly relate to WAHS, but thanks be to God who gives us the victory.

  5. We are waiting to see if my husband has been called back to pastor a church! Praying for God’s will to be clearly shown to us! Thank you for this timely devitional!

  6. Love this encouraging word today. Lord, help me to be patient and wait upon you well. You will fulfill your good word unto me that you spoke to me back in 2009. In Jesus Name, amen!

    Would love to win this bundle!!!

  7. At one time in my life I would often say, “What about her”. Why does she sin and own a fine home? Why do they have that great boat and they dont even go to church? Look at the cars they drive but they dont lift a finger to worship you Lord. One day God reminded me of the end times for the ones who don’t have a relationship with him. I may not receive my rewards here on earth, but when I go to heaven to meet my savior, I will then receive my rewards. Unfornately, the people I was complaining about will not receive the same reward unless they surrender their lives to Jesus. Instead of complaining about what they have against what I have, I should have been praying that they would receive what I have in my heart.

  8. Wendy, you nailed it today. I have reason to be hurt but He is the only one who can change a heart….mine or the “hurter’s.” I poured out my complaint and God redirected me to MY part in all this. Loved your words today…so helpful and encouraging. Thank you!

  9. i clicked on todays blog can someone please tell me how to be eligible for todays wait and see giveaway

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  10. Your blog spoke to my heart! And your devo at P31 did as well! Thanks for allowing God to speak directly into my heart today as my husband & I are in a waiting period. He IS here and He IS listening to our prayers and He WILL show us the way as well as cause growth & maturity in Him. Praise His Name❣️

  11. Well, I guess either I am praying the wrong prayers or am riding test after test. I can’t work my husband can’t work because of a car accident we were in. He has had two back surgeries and waiting for a third with no insurance and to top all that off the insurance company says they are not paying cause it’s not related!

  12. I am waiting for relationship dynamics to change. It is tough to remain separate and apart, and let God do His work in others. When I speak to those who do care and want to encourage me, I have difficulty articulating the strong inner conviction that I am to continue to wait. I pray for appropriate words when I am to speak and for peaceful calm when I am to remain silent. The Wait and See OBS is a wonderful guide. Thank you.

  13. I have been guilty of Wahs and after telling the Lord everything He already knew , His answer to me was” What is that to thee? Follow thou me”.

  14. I can so relate to the WAHS. I have difficulty waiting and wanting things to be fair. This desire for fairness and wanting to breeze through the rough times can prevent me from seeing God’s blessings and work in my life.

  15. Thank you for your devotions on waiting. There are, very much so, needed, as I am currently going through an extended (MUCH longer than expected- an estimated, & quoted, 6wks has so far become 11 months, & counting) period of waiting &, periodically, seeing. I would love to have your book to help me learn ways to trust in God during these times, be patient, & “wait well”!

  16. Thank you Wendy. Yes, I was suffering from W.A.H.S. until I read this post. Thank you God for Your perfect guidance in me because You wanted to rescue me! #nomorewahs #washedbyhisblood #rescuedbyjesus #refocusedonhim
    Would love this package! Struggling to stay focused in the wait….years in the waiting!

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  17. Thank you I really needed this! I have to let go of old hurts & I have been struggling!! I just want someone to hear my pain!!!! So I don’t let go!!!

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  18. So needed to hear this today! Your book sounds like one I need to read. I don’t do so well with waiting, although God has increased my lessons lately.

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