Wait and See

Welcome!!!! This is an exciting day!!! This is the first day Wait and See OBS!!! I know you can’t see me but I am jumping up and down with excitement.

Since ancient times no one has heard no ear has perceived, no eye has seen any God besides you, who acts on behalf of those who wait for him. Isaiah 64:4

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  1. Good Morning!
    I tend to be anxious while waiting…it affects my health and relationships. I just think God is always trying to help me learn to trust Him, and have peace.

  2. I am waiting for God to lead both my husband and I to jobs. He has been preparing us; we are waiting for our answer if these are positions where He needs us to serve Him. The evidence of God’s hand in our lives in the past, leading us has been obvious, we are confident that His plan is better we could ever imagine. I have been struggling with waiting patiently, so your devotion this morning was a special blessing, received in God’s perfect timing! Thank you!

  3. Hi Wendy! First of, I want to thank you for encouraging a lot of people in the season of waiting. It is really hard when you’re in the middle of waiting in God’s purposes and plans for you, especially when you don’t see things progressing, but you are certainly right when you’ve said that God is building our character in this process for us to be well-prepared when the wait is over.

    A little background about knowing this book and the OBS while I was in the season of waiting: It is very timely when I read a devotional plan about your book in YouVersion app around August 2016, 2 months after I resigned from being a nurse in a hospital. I’ve decided to quit my job and pursue this in London. One of the requirements I had to go through before working abroad is that I have to take an English exam (IELTs). Unfortunately, I failed three consecutive times and felt depressed and devastated. During those times of frustrations, I’ve decided to linger more in His presence and wait for His perfect timing. God taught me not only to focus on passing the exam but to strengthen my faith in Him. Things might not happen in my timing but I am certain that great things are already prepared for me in His timeline.

    As you’ve said in your “Waiting and Wanting” blog, “Waiting well means staying peaceful in the present while looking forward to the future.” I’ve experienced unexplainable peace when I learned how to trust in Him and leaning not on my understanding because He said in His word that He has great plans for me, plans to give me a hope and future. In this process, my relationship in Him strengthens as I wake up every morning -just asking His voice to lead me where He wants me to be. Now, I’ve decided to take time off from the exam and to seek Him first above else.

    I may not comprehend everything that is happening in my life right now while I am waiting but I am sure that God is there in the midst of it all.

    Thank you again, Wendy, for reminding us about God’s promises! May God bless you always!

    Erika, Philippines

    1. I’m exactly here in the wait and see stage . I’m an empty nester have felt off but in all honesty didn’t know what’s wrong . Then listened to this why do I have to live every study I but I guess I’m glad at least I know now I’m transitioning . Want to hear more clearly and wait better Thankyou for prayer .

      1. Hi Marjorie! We are never alone in this season of waiting. We are all here together with God who’s our strength and hope.

        I’ll just share a devotional message from my YouVersion App. Kindly read this.. It is during our waiting that God is molding us to be prepared in His plans for us.


        God has a plan, purpose, and will for your life. Before your existence in history, God appointed your days before one of them came to be! How amazing and all knowing is our God!

        Despite what people, circumstances, or your thoughts attempt to tell you, remember God knew what He was doing when He divinely ordered your steps as you endured those challenges, sad times, disappointments, setbacks, promotions, expansions, blessings, and positive accelerations. Your collective life experiences are working together for your good and training you for the plans, purposes, and will of God. As we journey through life as children of covenant, trusting God is absolutely paramount in our lives, although we might not understand all of the puzzle pieces.

        But when we trust God, knowing that He loves us and will never leave nor forsake us, we are empowered to faithfully believe that God’s training is for where He is taking us. The training God has you going through is timed and on purpose! Your training is strengthening you for where God has ordained you to go. No matter what, remember obedience and faith is God’s way to the TOP!

        When God ordered Moses’ steps as a baby to be led, raised, and educated in the house of Pharaoh, God came through in timely training because Moses was equipped in the ways and customs to communicate with Pharaoh to serve as advocate for the Israelites’ freedom.

        When God ordered David’s steps to shepherd, defend, and tend his father’s sheep, God came through in timely training because not only did his training assist in defeating Goliath, he served as king, shepherding, defending, and tending His heavenly Father’s sheep in praise, God’s will, and worship.

        When God ordered Esther’s steps, she received advice from the king’s eunuch and found favor with all who saw her, including the king. God came through in timely training because Esther learned order and how to converse with the king on behalf of the deliverance of her people.

        When God ordered Joseph’s steps to have a dream, be disrespected by his family, rerouted from his homeland, lied on, thrown in jail, forgotten about, God came through in timely training because Joseph was used to save many lives as a leader.

        Allow these models of timely training to encourage you today. God is training you to fulfill his plan, purpose, and will. God comes through on time.

  4. This came just at the right time. I was up all night crying out to God. I was ready to just give up. It’s like God pressed the pause button on my life. It seems like I have been stripped of everything that made me who I was – my job, money, friends, family etc. It also seems like I have not had success in anything lately including even living for God. I can’t hear God, I don’t know when He speaks and what He says when He does. I cry out to Him for direction but i hear nothing. Just more confusion. Honestly I just feel forgotten, like I will be stuck in this phase forever. Please pray for me.

    1. Sweet Adorable – I read your comment and my heart was sad for you because I know and have experienced what you are going through. I have had the same thoughts that I can’t hear God or know what He’s saying or hear His voice.

      For me this has been a season of trust…leaning on His word and applying it to my life even if I don’t “feel” anything. The truths we can stand on Adora are that we are never alone and we are forever loved-feelings or no feelings.

      I believe God wants to bring us both to a deeper awareness of His presence…lets believe in faith that God iswith us and loves us and let’s wait for what He will do!


  5. I have been in a “wait and see” mode for some time. God has recently answered most of my prayers. However, there is one more regarding my son who is a recovering addict. It has been a roller coaster ride filled with pain and uncertainty. I, of course, want my son to be healed quickly and to turn his life around instantly. However, this is a one day and one step at a time proposition. I’m thankful to be walking this journey with God who knows the plans He has for my son. I would love to win your book bundle to read and share with a friend who is struggling with life challenges. Thank you and God bless!

    1. Praying for you, Liz! My son has walked back from suicidal thoughts earlier this year, only to have OCD take over his life once more. Lots of therapy, lots of praying, but he cannot see his way clear of anxiety’s destructive lies. I trust in God’s plans for both of our boys – praying he will calm our hearts, and theirs, in the waiting…

      1. Hi, Melissa and Liz, I too have a son who is struggling with addiction and bipolar disorder. He won’t admit he has a problem that he can’t handle himself. He overdosed in June, although watching him on a ventilator was so scary it turned out to be a good thing because it scared him and he is no longer using that awful stuff. I am praying that he gets his faith back and that he will seek professional counciling. It’s hard waiting but I believe that God has a plan for all of us and that my son will be and do what he is meant to do. And me too! God bless!?

        1. Judy, I am praying for you and your son! We are hopeful that our son will accept psychological help over the upcoming semester break; hope your son will, too. God is surely teaching me that while I have no control over this situation, He has a plan I don’t yet understand! May all of our boys remember Who is the source of all things good…

          1. Thank you Melissa, thank you so much. It really touched my heart, your reply. I pray that our boys do get the help they need. And I also pray that they remember God gave them this life and a chance to make something beautiful out of it. I pray we all remember this. God bless

  6. Oh goodness what a powerful message! And in such good timing! I have been struggling with a few things, waiting for God’s timing instead of what I used to do-just go get it myself. If you want something you’ve never had you’ve got to do something you’ve never done, right? I really like the thought of being present in the waiting instead of future. So much time passes by wasted the more I think about the future and it’s not even here.. And it won’t look like I’m imagining it to anyways! I am going to stay present in the present!

  7. I tend to get anxious when I am waiting, but have to focus on the Lord and wait on him. 1Peter 5:7 helps with that.

  8. Hi Wendy! I love that you are so real & honest. Waiting is hard and I do not do it well. Somethings I have been waiting on for many years. I do understand some of what He wants me to learn through this but many times I feel I’m missing something. ..I just dont get it. Its very frustrating. I feel like a failure. I do know no matter what I feel God is always good and wants what is best for me. I try to focus on that. I look forward to the Bible study. Praying for the other women here also waiting for answers. Thank you, God bless

  9. I get so impatient in my wait, but God always replies to me, “lean not on your understanding, acknowledge me, and I will direct your path.” So I must trust Him that He’s preparing me for my gift and so that He gets all the glory! Amen!

  10. Hi Wendy,
    Thank you for sharing with us what you have learned from God’s Word about waiting on Him. I have so much to learn. I just purchased the book and joined the OBS. I am looking forward to learning to trust God more through the difficult times of waiting.

  11. i am waiting, for deeper understanding of feeling God’s presence. i know He is with me but i want to take it to the next level.

  12. Good Morning!

    I love 1st Thessalonians 5:24, He who calls you is faithful and He will do it. This has been a guiding verse for me this year.

    I have learned that when I don’t wait well whatever I’m waiting on becomes an idol in my life. Do you know even after I learned this lesson, I have a tendency to lose my way and repeat the same sin over again? We are so prone to wander! I’m excited to see how God is going to use this study to strengthen my resolve, help me to wait well, and encourage others God places in my path.

    Thank you, Wendy!!

  13. Thank you Wendy for writing this book. I have been in a waiting period for six years concerning a personal trial/storm in my life. I do thank God for my storm as it has brought me closer to him. I have also learned more scriptures because of it. I KNOW without a doubt God is preparing me through my storm to help someone else. I also have a strong desire to write/publish a book. I have a lot to learn in that area, however I know God is equipping me, pruning me, and preparing for this book. During my wait, I started a gratitude journal over a year ago. I list the things I am thankful for each day…..from something very simple to something huge. By writing this, it has helped me focus on the positive. I also started praying more for other people than myself. I know there are so many people struggling with bigger trials and a lot worse situations than mine. Your study has came into my life at the right time. Wendy and the entire Proverbs Ministry team, I thank you and admire your obedience to God for helping so many people through your writing and this ministry. ~Lisa~

    1. Dear Wendy, God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect!!! I just happened to get on this website( I know God lead me here) and heard/read about your book and the bible study. This topic couldn’t be more relevant for something that I’m going through and trying to rush God, like He needs any help from me. I have faith in Him but how often I (and we) think that He needs our help….after all He is our all-knowing God who loves us so much that He wants the BEST for us. Why can’t we just trust Him for ALL of our needs and believe that He will provide for us on His timing which will be the right time!!Thank you so much!! Dorothy

  14. Waiting can be so difficult. The wait and see that has me the most discouraged right now is the salvation of 2 of my siblings. I see the struggles they are going through and I pray that they would soften their hearts to see the glory of God. I know that if they turn to God their lives will not be carefree but I also know that they will find peace even in their struggles. Thank you for writing this book. I look forward to reading it.

  15. Dear Mrs Pope,

    First of all I would like to thank you for sharing your journey and taking the brave leap of faith by documenting your season of waiting in this book.

    I believe that God had timed this bible study and book perfectly in my life and it makes me so happy knowing that He sees my struggle in the waiting period.

    My husband and I packed up our lives in South Africa, left behind our amazing church family and sold everything we owned and moved to Accra, Ghana in West Africa. We both felt that God was moving us into a new season and we surrendered all to the process.

    Eleven months later we are waiting on God to move us into the next season and we are praying for an opportunity to move into Europe. Life is hard here and the struggle has taken its toll on us both individually and as a couple. We have faced many obstacles and challenges but through it all I believe God is teaching us to fully and completely depend on Him for everything.

    We sold everything we owned and came here with 4 suitcases and our beloved two dogs. We loved our home in South Africa and we loved serving in our church. But God stripped us of everything to start building us up again. Like a demolished house, He is building and moulding us brick by brick.

    The demolishing part hurts, ALOT. But I am trusting that He will build us stronger than ever before and I am happy He chose us to embark on this journey with Him.

    As a newly wed and young person, I know I will face many more seasons of “waiting” but I know through this bible study and with the help of your book, I will be strong enough to “wait well”.

    My favourite quote of today would have to be “Waiting well means staying peaceful in the present while looking forward to the future.”

    I have not purchased the book yet as delivery to Africa, especially Ghana is tricky so the gift would be so appreciated!

    Lots of love.

  16. I am terribly impatient. I have been waiting now for several years for my husband and I and our family to have our own home. The right home. I feel like the closer we get the harder it is to wait. I can’t wait to study with you all and maybe to see how God is preparing me for the right place at the right time.

  17. Morning Wendy! I am so excited for you to start the OBS with your book! What a praise God moment!! Bless you!

    I find I am in the season of simply waiting on God – just like you mentioned in your video. Lingering with God…waiting in His presence.

    Love, Lynne

  18. Today my husband & I were up at 5:15 to begin our journey; moving from South Florida to North Carolina. For 2 years we have been praying and waitin. And when God decided ‘It’s time for you to go” our house sold in 16 hours.

    Our waiting period was over- and our new adventure began. He has graciously ordered each step, even bringing a young Christian couple to buy our home, so that God would continue to use that home to glorify Him.

    This morning, as we begin the first leg of our journey, we are “waiting” in the morning rush hour traffic, doing 20 mph. I laughed when I read your devotional – and then read it out loud to my husband who’s driving. It was so encouraging & in His perfect timing.

  19. I have things in my personal life that I certainly need to wait and see what God will do with. I know I have to first, fully trust Him! I also have a friend who is going through so much and she inspires me with her faith while she is waiting for miraculous things to happen. I’m looking forward to this study. God bless you!

  20. The timing of this OBS is no coincidence! God knows what my needs are before I do. I had waited 4 months for God to restore my relationship with the love of my life. God had directed me to wait patiently on Him, while He works in this time of heartbreak and hardship. Last week, to my amazement and thankful answer to prayers, my love came back saying he had been praying and hoping we could try again, only to be brokenhearted and crushed in spirit again when he left again after one week. My prayers to God turned to “Are You still telling me to wait or have You closed this door?” By nature, I like to be in control. I like my days planned and laid out. I like to know what is ahead of me. Throughtout this difficult time, the enemy has attacked my faith and hope time and time again, but He who is in us is greater than he who is in the world. Through all of this, God has given me the strength and courage to persevere. He has reminded me to place no one before Him, to surrender control to Him, and to trust Him completely for His wonderous plan for me which He will reveal at His perfect timing. God has taught me to depend on Him for my needs, my comfort, my directions, and to keep Him first in every area of my life. So now, I am still waiting and praying God will teach me and build my character as I strive, with His amazing grace and unending mercies, to wait well during this season and to not focus more on the object of my wait than on my Everlasting True God whom my faith rests in. Thank you for this OBS. I know God will use it to minister to my heart, mind and spirit.

  21. I have a saying for the “Wait and See” seasons of life and I call it, “God’s Waiting Room.” We all know that any waiting room isn’t exactly a fun place to be…We could be awaiting good news or bad as a result from a report from tests done, or simply waiting to see the doctor for a diagnosis from being “under the weather!” Either way, how do we spend our time? Looking through a magazine, reading a Devotion, praying, wringing our hands, keeping our emotions in check? There is a plethora of ways that we wait. But…God is there in our midst and I know He is telling me, “TRUST ME” and I find peace in that. It isn’t always as simple as that, but the older I get and longer I walk with Christ, I am learn to be still, to allow Him to work, and wait in anticipation of His will unfolding before me. I can rest in that. Praise Him as well! Praise him through song, His Wird or simply being silent and listening to His voice…

  22. Waiting is just hard. Even after seeing the blessings of the wait, the next period of waiting does not seem easier. Maybe it seems even harder…that’s where I am now. Trying to let my faith grow through this time. Not always feeling confident in that.

  23. Waiting. So many things. My husband’s retirement from the military after 21 years. Where are we going to live? What shall we do as family? A business? A new career for my husband? What’s next? My health? So. much. waiting. I am truly trying to wait well. Thanks for writing this book. I’m signing up for the OBS.

  24. More than 25 yrs ago, I found myself at a very low point–due to my own ignorance of spiritual strongholds and control! Coming from a background of abuse, I was blinded to the idea that it could/would also be in the church! Very broken, God took me as I was because I believed His Word and trusted Him that not all Christians were like those involved in destroying my life and my family! He has been faithful to rebuild my life one day at a time and to mend those broken places, although I’m still waiting for the complete healing of my mind! I’m so grateful for His steadfast love in my journey of waiting!

  25. Been awhile since I’ve done Bible study ..but I know the Lord led me to this one. It screamed in my soul. So EXCITED!

  26. I have been waiting a long time for something I want. But God is slowly revealing to me that I am not really prepared for what I want and that what I want may not really be what I think it will be and may not even be right for me. I think God is teaching me to ask Him for His will for my life. I need to ask Him to prepare me for what He wants me to do and then, though it may not be easy, it will be right for me.

  27. Waiting to see if I can fiqure out exactly how these online Bible studies work! This will be my 2nd, and it took me a while to fiqure out all the places I was suppose to look at to follow along last time. Maybe I can participate better this time around!

  28. Good morning Wendy! Great word. I hopped over from Proverbs 31. I am in the biggest wait I’ve ever been in. I was laid off in May. I know this is a “reset” and”re-arrange” time for me and my family. I am seeking the ideal job for work life integration but it also is the beginning of my ministry as well. I am finding that it would be easy to throw in the towel to have security and the comforts of a “job” and “benefits”. I am adamant though that I want ALL He has for me… He is still working it out. I am waiting on Him to show me the next steps. ?

  29. I’m in a new season of motherhood. With a 2 month old and 2 other kids 4 and under, I’m waiting for things to feel somewhat normal again?
    My quiet time has almost disappeared and it’s a difficult season.

  30. I join with these grateful women that you were obedient to the Lord’s lead to write your book, Wendy. It’s impact of his words through you can help us to focus (and refocus) ourselves on the One who is mighty to save, Sovereign over all and keeps His promises. I am still in a very deep place of waiting for God’s word to be fulfilled in my life during these last 23 years. Maintaining His balance in the dailiness of this life has been the hardest part yet as Peter had observed – where can we go, you alone have the words of life (paraphrase). God’s peace can calm our fears and doubts in the unknown of our wait and a choice for us to receive daily – sometimes one of the hardest choices we have – to trust His character, genuine love for us and ever present presence. I’m right there with all of you. I don’t have your book but will be a part of study as I need it.

  31. God is teaching me obedience and trust in his plans for me as I wait. It is hard. I am hoping this study helps me hear him!

  32. I have gone through tough times of waiting on God, and I am encouraging a friend to join this OBS with me so I can continue to encourage her in her wait. She is struggling to get pregnant and has had multiple procedures with no results. She is losing hope and losing faith. I’d love to win this package to share it with her, but even if I don’t, I’ll be purchasing it for her. I believe God’s timing in EVERYTHING is perfect, including the timing of this study. Thank you for sharing your wisdom & guidance through God’s work in your life.

  33. Waiting can be so hard, and it seems that’s a constant learning placenter for me where I’m easily distracted. Hebrews 12:1-2 helps me remember where I’m to focus during these times.

  34. The day has finally come to start the OBS bible study! I received your book last week and look forward to reading it! I thank you for today’s devotion! Blessings!

  35. I didn’t wait on God, I cut corners and ‘thought’ I knew what he wanted me to do and now I am in situations that feel nearly unbearable. The song, “Thy Will Be Done” describes my struggle completely. I am confused. My life has become a mess, I had been depressed to the point of staying in bed for most of the past year and that, of course, made everything worse. Through God’s grace, I am up and moving forward again, but I am at the point that I can’t do much more than pray, “Help me, Lord!” over and over. It is difficult to trust, focus or even journal. I am terrified of the future, feel trapped in some present situations that I have no idea how He wants me to proceed in, and though I cry out to Him constantly I still feel very distant from God for the first time in over 20 years. I miss Him. I want to trust Him and walk with Him again in the way I have known Him in the past, and even deeper. But I am stalled out and desperate for direction that I KNOW is from Him because every other route I have attempted over the past several years has led right to this corner in which I am now curled up in a ball and feeling helpless in. I have distanced myself from God, friends and family because of the results of my choices and I am crying out for God to help me wait on what HE has prepared for me, and know what to do about my present circumstances while I wait.

  36. Good morning, I enjoyed reading your post. This speaks to where I am now. This reminds me that I need to redirect my focus while I wait for a Godly man should that be His will for me. I would love to win.

    1. I am right there with you Rena. If we just keep our focus upon God, in His time He will send us the godly man He’s prepared for us – if it be His will. Praying for you today – because I know what you are going through with the waiting.

  37. I have been waiting for God to fulfill a promise He gave me back in 2009. It’s been 7 years, and the thing that He promised me I’ve had many doubts and outer circumstances to try to convince me that I heard God wrong. But I know that God spoke that promise to me, and in HIS time – He will fulfill that promise. Until then, I am trying to learn to enjoy this process of waiting. Trying being the key word.

  38. I am waiting on a few things right now, and I have sought God during this time. I really struggle to hear His voice and know with certainty what He is saying. I know I need to linger more, but I really just don’t know how

  39. Thank you for the reminder. That his promises are worth waiting for. I often find myself wondering when he will show me the right person with whom I am to share my life. I realize now that by seeking him and his presence I gain peace and he will deliver on all that he has promised. I just have to wait to see all him glory.

  40. My wait has lasted approximately 39 years(my whole life). I think this book will help me to learn how to press through for my breakthrough.

  41. I believe God is having me “Wait and See” that “being in a relationship” does not identify my status. To accept Him as my relationship and feel at peace.

  42. I have been waiting nearly 20 years for the salvation of my husband. There are times I KNOW God is working in him and that this will happen and other times I get discouraged and wonder what if he doesn’t come through!! I believe God wants me to be peaceful and trust Him during this wait and be confident in His ability to do the miraculous!!!

    1. Praise the Lord for your faithfulness in trusting God and your love for your husband in waiting for his salvation. I have a dear friend who also prayed and waited for her husband to accept Christ as his savior. She was such a godly wife and mother. Raised 3 children who are faithful followers of Christ and after more than 30 years her prayers were answered as her husband turned his life over to Jesus! Keep praying, claiming and trusting.

  43. Wendy, my husband & I have been waiting and watching to see where God will lead us next for almost 2 years now, seems longer than that. He is one of many that work in the oil field that have been affected by pay cuts & shorter work times. We are hanging on and God continues to show us that He can provide for us as He always has. He is so loving and cares for our needs and our wants! He knows the desires of our hearts & blesses us each & every day.

  44. I am also waiting on answers to prayers.God is helping me to choose joy over stewing how things are.PSALM 59:16 “But as for me, I will sing about Your power. Each morning I will sing with joy about Your unfailing love. For You have been my refuge,a place of safety when I am in distress.”

  45. Thanks for the encouragement today! I think that in my waiting, God is wanting me to learn to honour and respect my husband as the head of our house, and not rush to make decisions about how I think things should be – or try to force my husband to think the same. I know in my heart God’s way and timing is best, but I am often appalled by the way I slip into the same patterns of dishonouring my husband as I impatiently wait for the changes I long to see in him, and in our family. The change needs to start with me obviously, and I desperately need Jesus. Oh how I need Him! Thanks again for the reminder that waiting is all part of His plan!!!

  46. This past year has been the hardest “waiting season” of my life. Last October, we lost our baby at 13 weeks pregnant. I wasn’t prepared for the grief and the waiting that was to follow. Every doctor appointment, medical procedures, negative pregnancy tests, felt like it was ten steps back in the waiting game. In July of this year, we conceived again but miscarried at 5 weeks. Since then, I’ve been so angry, hurt, and feel so lost. I’ve always had a relationship with Jesus but this really has made me question who He is vs. who I have made him out to be.

    My “wait and see” has had so many roller coasters of emotions and highs and very low lows. This will be the first devotional that I’m doing since we’ve lost our second baby and I’m praying that I learn how to wait and see gracefully and that I can learn to trust again. Also, that I will learn His timing is not necessarily my timing.

    Thank you!

  47. I’ve participated not several obs’s I’m super excited for another one. They keep me in check. You are so right , this electronic world we live has taught that patience is not necessary.

  48. I am in a season of wait to repair a relationship with my son and daughter-in-law and am needing a lot of strength right now for forgiveness and handing the situation over to God.

  49. We are all waiting in one way or another so I look forward to learning through this study to wait well! I think it is a concept that will not only help me but be a light of hope for others in my circle of influence! Thanks!

  50. Wendy thank you for sharing what the lord has laid on your heart. I have been waiting for my daughter to heal spiritually and emotionally for 5 years. Each day of this journey has found me running, limping and falling down on my knees to my savior. He alone is my rock and salvation. Amen and amen.

  51. Waiting is not something I enjoy doing but trying to learn to find joy in it. Trying to teach the people in our mission church that God loves them even when He doesn’t answer their prayers immediately or at all, they think, is hard. I myself forget to look with expectation for God at work. Passion and zeal become just methodical doing. I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I do hope. Psalm 130:5

  52. Oh my goodness. My sister and I were just talking about this a day or so ago. I see a person I love so much get so mad when someone does not respond immediately to a text. I myself got so mad in the car the other day when my daughter and I were in a drive thru, late to get somewhere and it seems we sat FOREVER. And I was NOT a very good example for her to watch. Lord, help me learn to wait and wait well. I’d LOVE a copy of this book!

  53. Hi, Wendy and everyone!
    Just popped over from P31 OBS, am excited to begin this Study. I don’t wait well, either, and was amazed when you talked about recognizing someone’s voice on the “dumb” phones ; ) and linking that to recognizing God’s voice while waiting!! Very good advice.
    Right now, my hubby and I are trying to figure out when/if to retire and also whether to stay where we are or move…many questions, but feel better when we pray and get God’s insight. Good luck to all for the gift set. xo

  54. i become so anxious when it come to waiting.. i have struggled with this for a long time now and im ready for a change!! this book is exactly what i need in this season i am in right now!

    god bless you!!

  55. I am not sure what God is having me wait on. I know I have growing to do, but then I feel like I always have growing to do. So I don’t know. I just know to be faithful.

  56. God is teaching me to be patient in this season of waiting. That His timing is the best timing.

  57. I am not a patient person.
    I am waiting to make peace with my 2 sisters, over a family squabble, and to be the best sister I can be.
    I am waiting to be the best mom I can be, to my handicapped daughter.
    I have been waiting to find the perfect bible study for our “Friendship Circle” women’s group.., this could be it!
    Our entire community is waiting for one of “our” sweet kids to wake up from a coma after a horrible car accident.
    A lot of waiting is going on.
    Thank you Wendy. You stirred me in my waiting this morning!

  58. praising God for this study!! Waiting is not one of my strong points so I feel God speaking to me to participate in the study. Thank you precious ladies for your obedience to share God’s calling! Hallelujah!

  59. Hi Wendy!
    I am so excited to be starting this Bible study today!! I am in a “wait and see” season of my life right now. I am so thankful that God brought me to you and the Proverbs 31 community. A few months ago, I felt like my happy life had exploded. I thought my prayers had been answered and I was finally able to be a stay at home mom and wife. Then, my husband was put on leave from work and revealed a personal struggle that he has dealt with since he was a young boy. At first, it was really hard to not let this heartbreak destroy me, but God stepped in and guided me to the realization that this is a necessary pause in my life. He is pulling me back, closer to Him to teach me, to prepare me, to build me and make me a new, stronger me. My husband also needs this time to heal, recover and draw closer to God. Our children(6 and 2 1/2) need mommy and daddy to be the example and lead them to know God. We’ve tried unsuccessfully to do things our way. Well no longer is that the case!! I truly believe that God is ridding us of all that was holding us back from being fully committed to Him. He is teaching my husband and I how to fully trust Him, how to put Him first in all aspects of our lives and to be the people he created us to be. I’ve certainly learned a lot so far and know He has more for me to learn. For now we wait and see what God has in store for us. Its definitely not easy to wait well. Every day, I am thankful for the gentle reminders through God’s word. He is so so good!! ☺

  60. Wow, did I ever need to hear this beautiful message today. I am in a season of wait for healing for my daughter. I have been consumed night and day with prayers of healing for her. From this message I realize my Holy Father has heard my request and that I must learn to wait. A hard lesson, but one that I know has a purpose in my life (and hers) even if I can’t see the reason at this point. Thank you so much for these thoughtful words.

  61. I lost my daughter in May at 17.5 weeks pregnant due to a neural tube defect. My world felt like it was shattered and it definitely shook up my faith for awhile. I now struggle with the wait to see if God will bless us with another child. However, during this time of wait, I have become very close to several Christian women who have helped me through this walk. Not only have they been there for me, but they have given encouragement through the scriptures and have reminded me that God sees the big picture and he is always with me. Through this life altering event, I have also drawn much closer to God and look to Him to get me through the rough days. It has been a rough road and I am making it every day. I am blessed to have the support system of Godly women to help guide me through this time, especially in the beginning when I was angry and questioning my beliefs. I still miss my sweet baby, but am glad that I have a stronger relationship with my Father.

    1. I’m sorry for the loss of your precious child. I am so glad God provided a support system to help you. After a miscarriage I was told I had come in contact with someone who had TB and I was strongly instructed to NOT get pregnant for a year. A YEAR? It was a long wait to be sure. When the year was completed, with God’s strength every day, I took the pink knit booties I had been given for the baby I miscarried, and my little boy and I prayed every day for a sister for him. Every. Day. And God chose to honor our prayers and one day I was pregnant. And yes, for me it was a girl. But there have been other things I’ve waited for that did not have happy endings. Still, knowing we never wait alone, even if we feel alone, helped me through it. Right now, I’m praying for your arms to one day be filled.

      1. Thank you! It’s definitely been a struggle especially as the holidays are approaching. I have two little boys that have so many questions and want their sister so badly. Sometimes it’s hard to deal with my own feelings and the wait when you are busy trying to help the kids work it out!

  62. Wendy’s theme fits right in with what God is trying to teach me! I have been a stay at home mom since May, and it has been really good to be home; to have time to be more intentional about decisions of how to use my time and to think before I speak or act so I can mature in my behaviour and living out my faith. The other day, I asked God what is next, and right away, the book and workbook I am going through, plus this study, popped into my mind. I have gone through a long, hard trial, and I believe that God has a ministry in store for me, but I need to work through these studies to be prepared for it. I am not ready yet! “Don’t rush the wait!”

  63. Right now the one thing I’m waiting and seeing on is for 2 of my boy. My oldest is a 20 year old with 2 babies, living out of wedlock with their mom, and fighting with her all of the time. I pray for him to realize and repent of his sins, cry out to God and soften his heart. My 2nd son is going through a phase where he doesn’t know what to believe, even though he has been brought up in the church and has been baptized. My prayer for him is for God to wrap his arms around him and he soften my son’s heart. I want them both to love God with all of their hearts, souls and minds.
    I am really looking forward to this study. Thank you so much.

  64. I am in a time or wait that is so difficult. I do want to speed things up and bring this wait to an end. I have been praying to have the faith to turn this over to God and His plan for me. I do know that in this time of waiting I have grown in my faith walk and relationship to Him but I have so much more to learn. I so like the reminder that this is a time to prepare and that gives me another perspective to help me through the wait.

  65. In working full time and taking care of aging, elderly parents, I find myself rushing through the day–wishing for nightfall, only to rush through it and then back again. I can’t wait until the weekend, but then they rush by as well, and its back to work and the same routines. I don’t know what I’m rushing through for. . .or what I’m waiting for! I want to enjoy this time with my parents, with my young adult children and husband, but I feel like I’m just in a holding pattern of rushing to get things done, but never feeling done! I’m looking forward to this study and hope that I will be able to quit rushing!

  66. Where do I start!? I have been in the waiting game for what feels like forever! And recently I have been frequently reminded of being still. Gosh, sometimes the hardest part of taking action is being STILL. I was born and raised in Texas and I recently moved to New York. I know what you are thinking…why-why? Well to be very truthful I did too and I fought with God over this move but obviously you see the outcome. I left my family, my friends, my church, my career, pretty much my comfort zone behind in Texas. I was strongly led to New York (family and education) and eventually became excited about the move. Little did I know the waiting game I experienced in Texas was nothing compared to my now situation. I went from 95% joyful life (family, friends, church family/flow, career, income) to maybe 10%. I’m struggling in almost each area of my life right now and I eventually drifted away from my purpose on this earth. Yup, that’s what happens when you play the waiting game without God. But then you know how God rolls, with his mysterious ways!! Even if you let go, you can’t get away from him because He won’t let you go!! <3 This season has been hurtful and VERY difficult but lately I have been reminded frequently what is meant for my harm God uses for good in his glory. This may be my now season BUT it won’t be my next season. I am grateful that He has revealed things I need to remove or change in my life and I know His plans are always greater than mine. Of course, it’s always easier said than done, I’m not perfect, I will fall off the wagon sometimes but I will get back up stronger than before. I am looking forward to learning more about this waiting game through the OBS and I am definitely in need of prayer over my “waiting patiently” items below. Thanks ladies! Xoxo

    Waiting Patiently (or am I)

    Family (I have to get the family in the boat)
    Daughter (reconnection with her father/behavior/academic difficulties)
    Me (direction clarity)
    Income/Debt Relief
    University Expenses

    PS: I would love to share my go-to song for such life craziness! ; )
    “Still” Hillsong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YU65rpVUsbU

    1. Thank you so much for sharing this song. I needed to hear it today. I will be praying for you as we go through this study.

  67. I am waiting to see my new daughter -in-law who is Jewish, and my youngest son’s girl friend to become believers. I am also waiting to see how my husbands new career change (we are now empty nesters) which involves a total lifestyle change for us both plays out.

  68. Hi Wendy,
    I have been looking forward to this bible study. I feel like I have been in a desert of waiting. Right now, I have been praying for open doors and looking for a job. I received my last alimony wire payment from the ex-husband. I haven’t waited until the last minute as I have been looking and applying for several months. I have gone to interviews but, I have not been contacted afterwards. I am 63 and I think because of my age is why I am not called for the job. I want to be like the farmer, that despite being in a drought, he is plowing and sowing seed in his fields and preparing for rain. I know the Lord is trying to teach me to trust Him 100% to provide financial provision for all my needs! “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Phil. 4:19. Please pray for me! I know the Lord has a plan. Thank you for the opportunity to do this bible study with you!
    In Christ Jesus,

  69. Hi Wendy. I have waited for things in the past and you tend to think you have learned all you need to know about waiting, then He teaches you a new lesson.
    In February I nearly died. I stopped breathing several times and they had to intubate me. God wasn’t rready for me to leave this life yet. So now I’ve been saying, “what’s next?” I’ve been a bit discouraged lately because it seems like nothing is opening up. I need to be more patient and just slow down and wait! This study is coming at a very good time. Excited to see what God does next. God bless you, Wendy.

  70. In my current waiting situation and it has been a long one and the end is not in sight, but God is very present. I have learned to linger in prayer (and to pursue the altar and not leave until I feel the Holy Spirit’s release to get up), to have deep gut honest conversation in my prayer, and to have the Holy Spirit inspect my heart and life and that has taken me down to a newer humility and repentance.

  71. Hi Wendy, I believe the Lord is teaching me patience. I have always wanted things to happen quickly. The Lord has brought the most wonderful man into my life. Through him the Lord has been busy teaching me to be patient. Thank you for this opportunity . Looking forward to this Bible study .

  72. I have been waiting for 26 years for healing from a chronic illness that has left me disabled. Looking back I can see how waiting these long years has brought me closer to God and strengthened my trust in Him, however, there are still days when I cry out with the words of David in Psalm 13, “How long, Lord? Will you forget me forever?” I need to remember that “these have come so that my faith may be proven genuine” (I Peter 1:7) and that God “has plans to prosper me and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11) – the sure hope of a future in heaven were I will finally be healed.

  73. I’m so excited to start the Bible study today. My husband and I are definitely in a wait and see season as we are deciding to move back to my hometown in Louisiana. We currently live in Chattanooga, TN. It would be so easy for me to get sick with anxiety about this and push something to happen that might not be God. So perfect timing for this study!!!

  74. I anxiously wait to see if God will take away my chronic pain and mental health struggles so that I can feel free from all that is holding me down. Yet I see God working through what I am experiencing to mold me into the young lady He desires me to be. I often fall into the trap of wishing for life to change and my desires to be met, but forget to remember that God has a purpose for all things and His Ways are greater than mine.

  75. While I’m waiting, I tend to become impatient and anxious. However, that usually makes me slow down and lean into God, and I pray more during those times. God has answered many of my prayers, including allowing me to lead a normal life. You see, when I was 8 years old, I got hit by a car. It was very traumatic. I had a blood clot between the brain and the skull, broke both my legs, and I was in a coma for 3 and a half weeks. My left leg was broken above the knee, so it was in traction – for 3 months! I was in the hospital for 93 days, and had 5 years of physical therapy. I had to re-learn everything.

    1. Today, I’m 48 years old, married to a wonderful man for 23 years and counting, have 2 great kids of my own, and I can do pretty much everything most people can do. God has heard and answered my prayers through the years, and I know that God uses all things, even me getting hit by a car, for good and His Glory.

  76. My most recent “waiting” revolves around my sister and her breast cancer treatments. She was diagnosed 5 months ago and given a drug to shrink the tumor before trying to do surgery. This has been a very long wait. She is now scheduled for surgery on Nov 15 and we continue to pray for her return to good health and healing.
    Thank you.

  77. God has me being still and really getting to know Him and allow Him into all the crevices and corners of my heart and soul so He can heal me and help me become the woman of God He made me to be.

  78. I am waiting for God to heal me from cancer. Going through radiation right now. Enjoying our book. Perfect for me. Praise God for teaching me to wait during this season of my life. Thank you Wendy for your encouraging words from your book .

  79. I’m so excited for this study. I am going through a time where my husband is trying to get free from alcohol. He is in the hospital now for the second time in 3 months trying to break this cycle of drinking. He is not able to work and our finances have been depleted. I am definitely not sure what God is trying to teach me but it’s been a 3 year waiting period and it’s only gotten worse. It is a terrible waiting period but I am trying to have faith that God is there even though I am having a hard time seeing any progress. I am grateful that my husband is in recovery but hesitant to hope too much that it will be lasting. I NEED THIS STUDY!!!!

  80. Thank you for this devotional. My husband is just now leaving a staff position at a church due to health concerns. We are trying to wait on God and not get in a rush or panic. God is always faithful!

  81. He has really drawn me closer to Him during my season of wait! I’ve had to lean on Him and rely on Him daily.

  82. I’m not exactly positive of what He’s teaching me, but I think maybe not to be afraid, and to have faith. I am going through a spiritual battle at the moment, so I think that’s what He is trying to show me.

  83. This post is going to be a bit lengthy. I’ve been in a season of waiting for 5 and a half years waiting on my first child. During this season I have been hopeful, heartbroken, angry, depressed, etc… I walked away from God for a while because I felt like He just wasn’t hearing my cry, and I was so angry. Several months ago I felt a calling to attend a revival service. I had a true God encounter that night. It lit a fire inside me, and brought me closer than I’d ever been to Him. I know God is using this season of wait to teach me to have faith in Him, and to not give up on Him. I know this because every message our pastor has preached lately has been about having faith in difficult times. Just yesterday he preached on Elisha and how we need to dig ditches to show God we trust Him that He will bring the water even when cannot see it.

  84. I am waiting for healing for both my knees…I have been told they both have arthritis and I will need to have them both replaced…I am praying and waiting for healing…
    Maybe He is trying to teach me patience, how to pray in His will…I am not sure…

  85. Currently, I am waiting in a few different area of my life. I have been wondering & asking God, frequently, what he is trying to teach me through one of my main, debatably the biggest & main, problematic situation I am having to endure, my family included. This one thing contributes quite a lot to the other problems, making them worse & more difficult. I just can’t figure out what I will learn from this & what good will come from this extremely extended wait. I really want my house, my car, my fun & loving hubby, & my life.

  86. The hardest part of waiting is, when will the wait be over? I get frustrated, i call out to God, I cry to him, but most importantly I pray to him. I need to trust God in my wait, because he knows what’s best for me.

  87. Hello everyone! I’m Caitlin from TX! In response to the online welcome message today; I believe God is teaching me in my wait, to not settle or cut corners in why I look for in a relationship to please society. To hold fast onto my beliefs and wait for someone who has a sturdy foundation in faith and who practices their faith daily. To not believe that I have to settle for someone who isn’t truly Christ centered. That’s what i believe I am being taught in my wait.

    I am doing my OBS every evening before bed.

  88. I left a job I couldn’t take any longer. I decided to start my own business, with God’ blessing. It has been around 7 months and I haven’t had a single customer. I’ve been living off of my retirement money. I’m single and retirement is still 10 years away or so.
    Did I do this without God’s blessing? My days are spent doing nothing. I’m stuck. I don’t know what to do, or if He has me here like this for a reason. I’m so sad and so confused.

  89. When i signed up I was not sure at all why I needed study in this particular subject, but I am coming to realize that I have been searching for God’s next step, next season, for my life. I want that to involve more in women’s ministry, but I want Him to lead and patience is definitely an issue for me! I have some ideas and I want to be sure before I act on them. I have to learn to wait for doors to open rather than trying to knock them down in my own power. Thank you for this study!

  90. I’m Michelle, and live in Kansas. My husband and I recently became empty-nesters, and my husband wants a change! Like a move to another state, a new job, etc. This has caused me much anxiety, and I need to hear from God as to any change He wants us to make. I want to be in His Will.

  91. I’m Michelle, and live in Kansas. My husband and I recently became empty-nesters, and my husband wants a change! Like a move to another state, a new job, etc. This has caused me much anxiety, and I need to hear from God as to any change He wants us to make. I want to be in His Will.

  92. I feel Abba is teaching me to truly trust in Him during my wait. I am 36 and single. I believe in God to bless me with a husband and children. I don’t like talking about it because all over 25 year old women want to talk about it all the time. When I did your devotional on the Bible app it was such a blessing to my heArt. I repeat to myself daily I want to wait well. I am in the OBS to explore your book and to daily walk out in community trusting Hod and waiting we’ll.

    I pray that my relationship with Abba becomes better and my trust in Him is solid. That my focus is not on my wait but my God. That my love for the word of God increases and my soul and spirit are refreshed. That any physical stress from waiting is given to rest in the hands of my Lord and not me.

    Thank you Wendy and P31 ministers. Excited about being apart of this journey together.

    Tosh ???

  93. I tend to want to rush the process – to get the end. I can be impatient. Looking forward to seeing the value and learning to savor the wait.

  94. What am I waiting for? I think I am waiting to find out what wants from me in this season of my life. I am 61. I am a grandmother of two adorable babies. There is nothing I loved more than being a momma, an I adore being Bee to my grandchildren. A Mom is all hands on, a grandmother is part-time. I am adjusting, now I feel like I am being called to do something. I have been feeding an insatiable hunger through scripture and prayer. I am waiting for God’s direction. I love scripture based studies; I am looking forward to my first on-line study.

  95. I am waiting to exchange fear and worry for peace beyond understanding by releasing my grip on circumstances and holding on with both hands to my Lord.

  96. I’m learning how to wait in the Lord. God is teaching me how to wait courageously, while trusting Him for the future. I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to dive into this study!

  97. I think God is teaching me to be a stronger more confident woman. To know I’ll be ok whether I get my dream or not. I’ve got Him.

  98. I have no ideas what I’m suppose to learn during this waiting period. It’s been a long wait and I’m getting very discourage.

  99. This past year has been the hardest of my life, definitely a lot of “wait and see”. But I must say it also made me rely on God that much more, and I have felt His presence. He is the reason I am making it daily!

  100. I would loooove to win your book and the accessories.
    I definitely need a new boost of inspiration to persevere in waiting. To be honest I am quite weary. It feels like I am in parallel wait in several areas of my life, including work life and personal. Both have been stalling for 5-7 years. To be honest I do not know what is God teaching me for sure, but I have my ideas (like at one point I thought it was about humbling myself and giving over control to Him; then to not desire the subject of the want over Him, similar to what you mentioned in the devotional…but then nothing seemed to change or not much and the wait continues…so I am not sure any longer).

  101. I’m not sure how this online study works. I started the book but what do I do as far as the online portion?
    I am waiting for my schizophrenic nephew to be well. We know it’s a lifelong illness but praying it can be managed so he can live a more normal life.

  102. I am waiting intentionally for the first time in my life. My past is full of numbing my pain with substance abuse. My Saviour has brought me back to life. Now I don’t have to wait in fear of what next. My wait is peaceful as I am securely in the arms of Jesus. I surrendered it all and I rest in his promises.

  103. God has taught me so much when I have to wait. One of the best things He has taught me is He is a good father and wants my best. He loves me. So many times I have wanted something and in waiting He has steered me to a better place. So even if I’m not comfortable waiting or not happy waiting, it is for my good and His glory. And the great thing is, I can rest assured in that. I am secure in that. I can be happy in that, even if I don’t like the waiting part. I love the Isaiah 64 verse because it reminds me God “acts in behalf of those who wait for Him.” We may be waiting but He is acting. We know with total assurance that God is not sleeping. God is not ignoring us. God is not deaf to our prayers. He is acting and what He is doing is for our ultimate good. If nothing else, it is bringing me closer to Him and making me dependent on Him.

  104. Waiting is tricky. I’m always torn between “is this something I need to get up & DO something to work towards my goal?” or “is this something I need to wait for a sign from God to move forward or in a new direction?”
    I am really looking forward to this Bible study!

  105. Excited to read Wait & See. Waiting is never easy. How do u trust in God? Answers are in the book

  106. I’ve been looking forward to this bible study. I struggle with waiting. I want to know God’s plan for me immediately. I believe that he’s reminding that his time is perfect, and that I need to trust him more. I need to let go and let God reveal his plan in his own time.

  107. I found a 7 day Bible study on this book in my You Version Bible app. After 4 days, I knew that I had to learn more about the author and the book. That’s how I ended up here. I’m so glad I hopped over. I just ordered the book.

    I have no idea what God is teaching me in my waiting. I am praying for several significant things in my life, including my grown son and his wife to find a faith community. I am trusting God has a plan and a reason and I have to trust him in the waiting.

    Thank you for writing this book, Wendy. I believe it will speak to a many people.

  108. I’ve been in a long season of waiting for the Lord to change things in my marriage, but I’ve recently realized that I need to refocus on Him and not on what I want the outcome to be.

  109. Thank you for such a great book!
    It has been so very encouraging to me as I have been in a season of waiting. Little did I know what God had in store. My time of waiting has been quite a journey this past year. We moved from CA to a small town in WY, thinking that it was where God wanted us. One rejection after another, one set back after another, no friends, no job, now answers! For a year this went on and we prayed and prayed and asked God to show us just a snip-it of what was going on. Well, when my husband had lost his job too, we were really confused! Well as we stayed faithful to Jesus, he was faithful to us. Doors began to open in another city in WY. I’m talking every turn, the doors were opening. My husband got a good job, we moved and the land lord let us out of our lease, we found a small house to rent quickly, and after a week, I found a job! God had something else planned and it was not in that other town! For those who are still waiting, God will answer and what a testimony you will have of his love, care, faithfulness and grace. We change and God transforms us in these hard seasons, I am thankful that he never gives up on us humans. 🙂

  110. Good morning Wendy! Just listened to your inspiring video. Waiting has often been challenging for me. I know that God has His Divine Plan and a purpose for me in all of it, yet often I take it upon myself to move forward without waiting for the gentle nudging of His Spirit. I usually end up head first rather than feet first planted in God’s Word and plan. Looking forward to seeing and hearing through His Heart through yours, hoping to refresh my focus in the waiting…. God bless!

  111. I appreciated your post about waiting, something we will all be required to do in the Christian walk. And yet, something we will not have to do alone. The hardest wait of mine was when my sister disappeared in 1982. Her husband said she walked out…we know she didn’t. She would have never left her three little boys, 5, 7, and 9. I prayed for the situation. In 2004, we went to court and as we suspected she had been killed. It was domestic violence. But there was no conviction, no answers to our many questions and sadly, no body. And yet, God has comforted my heart in many ways all through the years. Sometimes we DON’T get what we are waiting for, and maybe it’s because of what the Psalmist said,…And Lord, what do I wait for?… my hope is in you.

  112. Supporting a child with a brain injury reaches you the hard things of parenting…the hardest for me is you can’t always fix it. When you see great strides in one part of he recovery, it isn’t long before something new sits her back down. My daughter is in a period of wait, literally. After over a month of being so dizzy she can barely get out of bed, a new set of lenses for glasses she just got in March and patience, she is just now starting to get up and move around. From an avid hockey player, outgoing group of friends, and high school student to this. Still, in all of this she loves God, smiles every day, and through the toughest emotional times shows me patience, when I just want the suffering to stop. I have learned to wait after 12 almost 13 years of raising 2 girls on my own. I have learned that if I push to make things happen, it all falls apart. If I wait to let God move in life, glorious things happen. I thank God every day for the blessings in our lives. We don’t have a lot but we have Him.
    Thank you for all you are doing to share the word.

  113. Thank you for the encouraging message! I am basically an anxious and insecure person so waiting tends to be hard… at this time waiting for God’s healing of my husband’s deep depression and a re-surging of his spiritual life and for direction on a Bible study for young girls which He has put on my heart but which I have no idea on how to go about getting under way (as in, how to approach the girls to invite them to meet to study His Word together). I don’t really feel terribly equipped for it but feel very strongly that He is calling me to step out in faith (rather trembling here) to cover this important need for the young girls of our community. So would appreciate prayer for all of this if anyone feels led to do so. Thank you!

  114. I am hearing not to rush the wait so that we are prepared. We can learn to wait well so that when we arrive we can get right to it. It’s like we wait so that we don’t have to wait again, we can be proactive. I need to remain teachable so that I can be rightly dividing the word of truth.

  115. Today’s (11-14) Proverbs31 devotion said to see your blog for a chance to win Wait and See. I couldn’t find anything about it in your blog. Can you direct me? Thank you, and thank you for ministering to me.

  116. Good morning.
    Very simply, I desire to be part of a Bible study but with work and other commitments, time is at a premium. I am delighted to know I can be a part of an online Bible study which I am able to do in my own room at home and yet be a part of a community.
    I do not have a credit card to purchase the book online so if I win the package, praise God, but if I don’t, is the book available in Christian book stores?
    Thank you for what you are doing.

  117. My wait is teaching me that I cannot do everything, I cannot be perfect, and it’s okay to ask for and allow for help. My controlling perfectionism has lead to illness and the unwillingness for people to offer to help me. “I am learning Lord, I need Your patience too, while You wait for me to learn this lesson.”

  118. I am in the midst of a “big wait”. My husband left our home after almost 29 years of marriage. I am learning just how great God’s love is for me through His word, through people He sends across my path on a daily basis, and through the peace He lavishly pours on me at the appointed times. I am praying for a humble heart and spirit; to not be anxious about anything, and to be thankful for what I have and what I am experiencing, as opposed to dwelling on what I don’t have, and don’t want to experience.
    I know God is doing a big work in the life of this family and when I come out on the other side I will be a new person because of God’s transforming power. I will hold on to Isaiah43:19 “Behold, I am doing a new thing”

    1. Wow I can feel your pain, let me encourage you to continue to cling to our merciful God who is really with us in our pain. As well to make sure you have godly friends who will walk with you in this journey.

    2. He is teaching trust and faith. I know your pain, it has been almost 3 yrs for me and it is 34 yrs of marriage. I am waiting for God to restore. He has transformed my heart, given me promises and provided in ways I would not have imagined. God is good and He keeps His promises. Cling to His word and to His promises.

  119. I have been praying over my beloved husband and his entire family to touch them for complete transformations. I know it’s been hard for me to continue to pray for them. But I know God has a perfect plan for us all during the wait God has also placed my faith stronger as I seek him with all my heart and led to write in sharing my faith in Him through poems to share his love for others looking for answers in life.

  120. Thanks for this Wendy!
    One of the most important things for us Christ followers to learn! To wait well.
    Bless you!

  121. I felt directed by the Lord to leave my church. I did and visited a number of churches. I felt so very disconnected and lonely, people asking where I was going and I had no answers. No idea where I was suppose to go or what I was supposed to be doing. I saw this OBS and thought it would really help me to learn to wait because it has been very painful, emotionally. I signed up, ordered a book online and I’m still waiting on my book to arrive, it’s long past due. Waiting is so very hard. I hope to get the book and read and learn.

  122. Wendy’s book is perfect for this time in my life, I have been in a very long wait (almost 3 years). I am waiting for God to restore my marriage, the enemy has tried to kill, steal, and destroy. I am still learning to wait on God when He is silent. He has told me He is going to do something great! God has told me patience, He is changing me during the wait. He has removed attitudes, opinions and is teaching me to be totally dependent upon Him. He is teaching me to wait when He is silent and teaching me perseverance. God is teaching me to fellowship with Him and to love Him with my whole heart.

  123. Going through a new journey in life and accepting a new normal is challenging. But I see that the Lord wants me to have faith and trust Him with the uncertainty of not knowing about tomorrow, but wait on the one who holds tomorrow.

  124. I could echo Mitzi above. My husband left three years ago. I have grown and stretched and my faith has deepened.

    This weekend I didn’t have my kids. I cried and told God, “I’ve learned SO much through this storm God. Now show m the next chapter. At least give me a glimpse to keep my hope strong!” Then Monday morning the Proverbs 31 devotional hit me right between the eyes!

    I need this study! I hope to win the bracelet and bookmark too.

  125. Wendy-
    Your devotion about the “fast pass” really was amazing! I spoke to me in a lot of ways; mainly to slow down and let God lead the way. In today’s “society”, we could all use a reminder that God is in control of out journey & ultimate destination. Thank you for your words.

  126. Wendy,
    Thank you for sharing. I have learned over the years to avoid praying for patience. I know now that waiting is something I can do, but that doesn’t mean I do it well or with blessings. When you don’t do something well, it is difficult to teach your children. Consequently, God is teaching my family how to wait. I am excited about this BIble study.

    Thank you again for helping others learn.

  127. Wendy I just finished the wait and see online bible study. I cannot thank you enough for writing the book! It has helped me so much. Thank you to you and the OBS team. I’m sad the OBS has to end. It was wonderful. Many blessings to you

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