Wendy Pope

God is Love

Hello dear friends! God is love, and He loves you. Is that a difficult concept for you to grasp? I’ll be honest, grasping God’s love for me isn’t easy, and demonstrating His love isn’t easy for me either. I’m very grateful for His grace, and His Spirit in me, as well as the power of…

Welcome to the World

Welcome to the world…. We’ve been waiting for you. We need your message. May you be blessed, and empowered to work with Holy Spirit to draw Believers closer to God… to usher them into the life they always wanted and wondered how to have… the life of fullness with the God of immeasurably more. Grab…

It’s Not Too Late

I know how it is…. that moment you facepalm yourself because you “meant” to join, purchase, or go there. Oh, the “meant tos!” Great news, you still have time to preorder The 320 Life: The Life You’ve Always Wanted And Wondered How To Have AND it is not too late to join the Insider’s Group….