It’s Not Too Late

I know how it is…. that moment you facepalm yourself because you “meant” to join, purchase, or go there. Oh, the “meant tos!”

Great news, you still have time to preorder The 320 Life: The Life You’ve Always Wanted And Wondered How To Have AND it is not too late to join the Insider’s Group.

Preorder today, in fact, click the link and order your copy now. The 320 Life: The Life You Always Wanted and Wondered How To Have. You DO NOT want to miss what is coming.
(Click here for the Book Page)

Why should I preorder The 320 Life? I am glad you asked!

You don’t want to:
• experience an extreme case of FOMO. (Fear of missing out.)
• miss out on being part of the Insider’s Group.
• not (yes, I used a double-negative) have the book in your hand when Book Launch LIVE begins

What is Insider’s Group?

The Insider’s Group in a private Facebook page available only to those who have preordered The 320 Life. In this group I will:

• Share some fun backstories about the filming of the Bible study
• Give away great prizes
• Answer “why did you write the book” and other questions
• Teach Bible lessons related to, but NOT included in the book

Insider’s Group begins TONIGHT. I hope to see you there.