Wendy Pope: Leading Women to Learn, Live, and Love God's Word

Leading Women to Learn, Live, and Love God’s Word

Wendy Pope: Leading Women to Learn, Live, and Love God's Word

Hey ya’ll! 

That’s southern for you all, just in case you need a translation. You see, where I come from you open your door and welcome people in. As you visit my cyber home, envision me opening the door to my home and heart. I’d offer you a beverage and slice of homemade Poundcake, then we’d sit down and visit for a while. 

I’m sure we’d talk about our families, because I have family pictures everywhere. We would have fun talking about our favorite shows, old and current: mine are Andy Griffith and Blue Bloods. Maybe we’d share our favorite movies: mine are The Sound of Music and Lonesome Dove. Eventually, after a refill (and maybe another piece of cake), Jesus would come up in the conversation, because with me, most long girl talks include Jesus, oh, and the amazing, timeless Word of God. 

So, pretend; pretend you knocked, and I opened my door with a huge smile and a hearty, “Hey ya’ll”. Grab a beverage, sit and let’s talk. (Please ignore the stack of mail on the countertop, the dishes in the trainer, and the laundry in the hall – I’m about to throw in another load in.) 

Oh, and do you like dogs? I hope so, because my brown Boykin Spaniel Maxie is part of the greeting committee. 

Much Love, 


aka Wepo

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