Hidden Potential

Revealing What God Can Do Through You

Using stories from the life of Moses and from women who are leaning on God in the middle of their own fears, failures, faults, and frailties, Hidden Potential by Wendy Pope encourages every woman to see herself as her Creator does—a worthwhile possibility, fully capable of being used by God.

Fears. Faults. Failures. Frailties. Every woman at some point wonders, Do I have to get past all my weaknesses before God can use me?

Wendy Pope is happy to tell readers: No! You don’t have to overcome, correct, rise above, or get strong before you are qualified to be part of God’s plan. He can use you right now. You are a worthwhile possibility.

Wendy Pope: Hidden Potential

In Hidden Potential, readers see that they can be:

  • faithful, even in fear
  • included in God’s plans, even in weaknesses
  • worth something, even in failure
  • valuable, even in pain

Pope explores the life of a fearful murderer on the run with a speech problem and daddy issues—also known as Moses—to show readers God’s power and grace. As she writes, God will never count anyone out as long as they count themselves as His children.

Hidden Potential includes discussion, reflection, and Bible study questions; challenges to take readers further in their faith; and shares real-life stories from other women to remind readers they are not alone.

Lysa Terkeurst

Personal struggles make us feel disqualified from serving God… saying “There’s no way God will ever use you. “Wendy’s wise, biblically sound teaching will help you think differently. Step into your calling more confidently with a reassuring voice of Truth.

Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times bestselling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

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Hidden Potential by Wendy Pope

About the Author

Wendy Pope is the wife of Scott, mother of Blaire and Griffin, author, speaker, and Bible study teacher. She loves lazy Sundays watching golf with her husband, thrift-store shopping with her daughter, and watching building shows with her son. 

She is the author of several books, Jesus Everlasting, Hidden Potential, Yes, No, and Maybe and Wait and See. Wendy is the Founder and Executive Director of Word Up Ministries. She leads women all over the world to life change through her in-depth online Bible studies. She has led thousands of women through her Read Through the Word daily video study of the One Year Chronological Bible. Down-to-earth and transparent, Wendy teaches in a way that women feel she is speaking directly to their hearts.

For Sharing

God can see our potential even when we can't. - Wendy Pope https://wendypope.org/hidden-potential/
Our failure is not more powerful than our God. -Wendy Pope https://wendypope.org/hidden-potential/
Faults don't disqualify me from working with God, but they might delay His plan. -Wendy Pope https://wendypope.org/hidden-potential/
You are a worthwhile possibility. - Wendy Pope https://wendypope.org/hidden-potential/
Fear is not a disqualifier from God's work in my life. It's an invitation. -Wendy Pope https://wendypope.org/hidden-potential/
God's grace is greater than our sin. His mercy can't miss us. -Wendy Pope https://wendypope.org/hidden-potential/
We can believe God can even when He isn't at the moment. - Wendy Pope https://wendypope.org/hidden-potential/
My frailties are not frail to God. -Wendy Pope https://wendypope.org/hidden-potential/
God is famous for taking the old & making it new. He longs to do new in you. -Wendy Pope https://wendypope.org/hidden-potential/