A Gift for You

wendy-and-christie-sunset-beach-may-2016As many of you know me and my bestie go Black Friday shopping every year. We don’t leave at 3am and we’ve never gotten in a fight over anything. It’s the one day of the year we get to spend together. It’s our thing.

I know most people stay far away from stores on Black Friday while others shop online. Stores run wild and crazy sales. We all like to save money, right?

I will be getting deals and wanted to spread the love.

We are having a huge Black Friday and Saturday sale. The entire store is on sale. We’ve added a Wait and See Bundle. There are new and exciting changes for our RTW class. Both will make awesome Christmas gifts.

20% of your entire purchase. Yes…20% off!! Use the coupon code BF20 when you check out.

Happy Shopping!!