What About Word Up Ministries?

Hey Word Up Friends

Our year-end campaign for Word Up Ministries is full swing. I want to thank those who have already blessed us with a financial gift and for the many prayers you’ve prayed over the campaign.

For those who aren’t familiar with Word Up, watch this short video clip, visit our website, and consider joining Read Thru the Word 2021. We’d love to have you!! The course is free, and it’s a life-changer.

Remember to click on the name of the post to be launched to my site so you can watch the video.

Come visit our cyber home Word Up Ministries


  1. This is my second comment and I have not received a reply.

    I have joined, donated and purchased a new Bible,

    I was a member before and had a user name and pass word that I don’t remember. I would like to have user name – mj.art.nc@gmail.com
    and password – kelly1967

    Most of all I would like a response to my e.mail to Wendy or someone else.

    MJ Cunningham

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