Worship Today

No matter what comes my way I’m gonna say hallelujah anyhow!


  1. That is an awesome song!! My husband and I are looking for a home church. We were going to a church but it’s going in a direction we don’t like. Please pray for us for God to lead us in the direction he needs us to go. I love good singing choirs!!

  2. i just finished listening to the song; pretty awesome & with these unfortunate tragedies that
    have taken place recently..you can’t tell me that that different people from different walks of life & races can’t work together…THIS CHOIR IS PROOF IT CAN…..this video needs to be
    sent to CNN…to show these people what it could be like..they don’t want it to be..they would
    rather complain & find fault & put men in blue to the test…i really enjoyed this choir & just watching as the different people sang & hand gestures & they were really enjoying singing..
    pretty amazing…thank you for this…one of the good starts to my day…kathy

  3. Thank you for this Wendy! This is a wonderful start for my day! It has been a horrible week for my family and me as we are about to lose our beloved dog. Hard choices as humans, but nothing is hard for our Lord. Bless you for this encouragement!

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