Signing off for the Season

Hello Sweet Bloggy Friend!!!

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing 2014 with me in my part of the cyber world. It has been such an honor to serve and get to know you.

I am signing off my blog for the remainder of the holiday season not because I don’t love spending time with you but because I want to be fully engaged with my family during the season. This is my last Christmas with Blaire living at home. Sniff Sniff. 🙂

RTW will still be going on. We will be ready to start all over again January 1st!!! If you have any questions for me, especially those of you who are new to RTW or wish to start in 2015,  please email me at [email protected].  I will be answering email.

I pray you enjoy season of the Savior— He is the Reason for the Season!



Here is the sample RTW video and links to the free journal download.


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  1. Good Morning…& Kudos to you..i don’t blame this your oldest…i hope you have a
    Blessed Christmas & a safe one….

    have a great & blessed day….Wendy…


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