How my blog got its name

I was reprimanded by a friend that my blog had only one entry for the month of August. This blogging thing is tougher than I thought. You know, “the more you do the more you are expected to do.” So now, I have a blog and I am expected to keep it updated. School is back, my schedule is settling done, so I thought I would start my September blogging by explaining how I arrived at the the title for my blog.

It started years ago when I rode in the Country Squire station wagon with my mother from destination to destination searching for the “bargain” of the century. My mother taught me to be an expert bargain shopper. So much an expert, that even now many years later friends call me for shopping tips and questions about where to get the best deal on what they are looking for. What I believe my mother meant for good, the enemy used for evil. Somewhere along the way, through disappointing times in my life and low self esteem I begin to see shopping as an escape. It became a way I brought myself happiness. I use the word happiness because happiness describes a temporary emotion based on circumstances. Joy is something within yourself that remains regardless of your circumstances.

I entered my marriage in debt and somehow manage to stay in debt during most of the early years of my marriage. The debt I accrued became my secret. I hid charge card bills as well as new things that I bought from my husband. Each month, I would scrape enough money together from my household budget to make the minimum payments. The lie kept me from having an honest and open relationship with my husband. It also kept me from experiencing real joy that comes with an intimate relationship with Jesus. It was a true sickness.

It wasn’t until I began to seek God and allow Him to change me that realized the captivity that surrounded me. I have said it before and I will continue to say it, “You never know how bound you were until you are free.” Today, I am free! Free from Satan’s lies, free from the pull of his power to make me “think” I need to shop to fill hurt places in my heart, free from the seductive influences of this world that tell me I need more, and most importantly debt free.

I will write more tomorrow on how I broke the chains. God supplied the power and through His power and my willingness the shackles are gone.

Until next time,