Crossed “I-ed”

I love the title of today’s entry. Unfortunately, I can not claim it. However, I am going to borrow it many times as I speak and write. The credit goes to Dr. David Jeremiah. He is the Senior Pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church and the teacher of Turning Point. Turning Point is Dr. Jeremiah’s radio broadcast. I hear him locally on 106.9 FM out of Black Mountain, North Carolina.

Today I caught only the tail end of the broadcast. Dr. Jeremiah was reading the account from Exodus 3 where Moses is discussing with God His command to send Moses to Pharaoh and demand freedom for His people. Moses was thinking of every excuse of why he was not the right person for the job. He did not realize that God had already equipped and empowered him to do the job. Let me paraphrase the conversation.
God assures Moses that He will be with him. (V12) Moses says, “What will I say to them when they say who sends you?” (V13) God gives Moses an answer that was probably a bit confusing. “Tell them I AM has sent you,” the LORD said. (V14) Don’t you know Moses was very grateful for a response but probably wanted to say, “OK, what do I say when they ask, ‘Who is I AM?'”
I love this dialogue between God and Moses because it sounds like many conversations I have with the Lord. I give excuses of why “I” can’t do something He has asked me to do not ever stopping to think that He has already called and equipped me for the job. I must have faith to obey and move forward with His command.
I recently read what I consider to be one of the best books I have ever read, i am not but i know I AM by Louie Giglio. Notice the only letters in the title that are capitalized are I AM. Boy, when I figured out the significance of that phrase, my life changed. I am just a little “i.” Let Louie tell you about it:
“God was telling Moses:
I AM the center of everything.
I AM running the show.
I AM the same every day, forever.
I AM the owner of everything.
I AM the Lord.
I AM the Creator and Sustainer of life.
I AM the Savior.
I AM enough.
I AM inexhaustible and immeasurable.
I AM God.
In a heartbeat, Moses knew God’s name-and something more. He finally knew his. For if God’s name is I AM, Moses’ name must be i am not.”
I think the sooner we grasp the little “i” concept and then live it out loud the sooner we will make a difference in this world. Think about it.
For His Renown
To order Louie’s book click here.