Survey Says…

I want to take some time to share with you about my very special writing project I have been working on as well as ask for your help.

Through some exciting “God-incidences” (I don’t believe in coincidences.) I have the opportunity to write a book proposal for Harvest House. This proposal is extremely close to my heart because the book will cover the last year of our online study of the One Year Chronological Bible. Yes, the book would be a companion study for the One Year Chronological Bible.

I need your help as well as your prayers. Will you take the time to answer the following short survey? The data will be very important to Harvest House as they consider my proposal.

When you post your answer simply type the question number and then answer. It is not necessary to retype the question.

Example: (These are fictitious answers.)
#1 I love this Bible
#2 God is great!
#3 We are FIGs.


  1. What leads you to purchase a book? (i.e. author, title, cover)
  2. Why did you purchase the One Year Chronological Bible?
  3. With all the devotional books on the market today, would you purchase a companion devotional to the One Year Chronological Bible?
  4. Why would you purchase a book written by Wendy Pope?
  5. Would you recommend a book written by Wendy Pope? Why or why not?
  6. Please give brief feedback on this possible title: Check the Box: Read through the Bible in Year and Enjoy
  7. I would love to hear your suggestions for a title.

Thanks ya’ll!