How my blog got it’s name, part 2

In my last post I confessed to you the lifestyle of sin and debt I lived in during many years of my marriage. I promised I would tell you how, through the power of God, I broke the chains that bound me to the stores.

I mentioned the word change as part of the process. I realize change isn’t easy or popular. Especially, change that requires you to stop doing something you enjoy and in my case, are really good at. Believe me; I am the last person in the world who embraces change. However, I decided that I wanted to be like Jesus and since I wasn’t born like Jesus changing was the only way that I was going to become like him. God has not ever asked me to change anything that was not for my good and His glory.

First and most important if you want to make changes that will last you can’t do it alone. The power to change comes from the Holy Spirit living in you as a result of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. (If you would like to make the decision to trust Jesus as your Savior please click here: yes, I want to be saved.) Apart from the Holy Spirit we are powerless to make lasting changes. Changing requires us to live beyond ourselves. A power verse that I learned to cling to in times of change and powerlessness is: 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.” (NIV) Memorize it. It is worth it. You can change, if you really want to change. The choice is up to you.
I am not a financial adviser with a six step plan to a debt free life. I am a woman who realized my pitiful state and had had enough of it. (For more detail financial planning help see visit Dave Ramsey.)
1. Make a commitment to have a daily quiet time with God each morning. This is before a shower, juice and kisses from the family. When we seek God first, His word tells us much will be added to our lives and His mercies He gives are new each day.
2. Ask God to change you. Sounds kind of elementary doesn’t it? But we have not because we ask not. Ask him to teach you, refine you and make you pleasing and acceptable in His sight.
3. Find scripture that deal with the issue and begin to pray them. A good source is
4. Make the choice not to go to the mall or other stores. I am not saying to avoid the grocery store or stores that have what you need. If you are a frivolous shopper, you know what I mean in this step.
5. Keep a small notebook. Write down the stores you go to and the amount of money you spend. (Even fast food restaurants)
6. Cut up the credit cards and confess your lifestyle to your husband. If you are not married, confess to a close friend as well as to the Lord.
I can’t say these steps took 6 days then I was free. Freedom from this type of lifestyle and addiction takes time because the root of the problem is usually deeper, shopping is the symptom. In my case the deeper problem was a hurting, lonely, and unfulfilled heart. God is the answer to your deepest problems.
If you are reading today and follow these steps then find the freedom you’ve longed for, post a comment on the blog. I want to celebrate with you.

For His Renown