Girls, I am so excited about tomorrow. I can hardly wait. Did you know that tomorrow is the day we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord? Of course you did but are you excited about what that means in your life and to your life. He was crucified, he was laid in a tomb, and…

Off I Go

Like most weeks in my life this one is crazy busy but added to the craziness of the Pope home, Mom is leaving town. I have the unspeakable privilege of leading the women of Hillcrest Baptist Church in a refreshing women in God’s Word. We will be in Destin Beach, FL Friday and Saturday night….

The Spice of Life

Well, girls I added some spice to my life this week. My week started by doing something that I have never done, yes never done. I went to a see a non-animated movie with a friend . Seeing the non-antimated movie was not the “never done before” thing. I went to the movie on the…