SPD Awareness Series: Sensory Processing Disorder in Adults?

Hey friends!

Here is the next video in Blaire’s SPD Awareness. Today, she teaches us about Sensory Processing Disorder in Adults. Adults? Yes, adults.

We are so thankful to hear how this series is helping you. I’ve included a link to Blaire’s channel so you can receive updates on her posting.

Remember, the video will not display in the email. In order to view the video, click the title of the post: SPD Awareness Series: What is Sensory Processing Disorder and you will be launched to my site.


Blaire’s channel 


  1. Wow! This has been a tremendous help! My son has struggled with an auditory processing disorder and I believe mine is sensory. I have always felt like I was “odd”, on the outside looking in. Thank you for bringing awareness to this!

    1. Thank you Jada. There are many videos to come. Blaire loves sharing all that she has learned.

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