Should I have gone to a professional?

There has been some concern about my hair. Friends are wanting to know how it looks. Well, the reviews are in.
My husband: “I like it.”
My son: “You painted your hair. It looks pretty.”
My daughter: “Your highlights turned out good.”
Then came the friend test, I went to work. Now, I would hope they love me enough to keep their comments to a minimum if they really did not think it looked good. You know the kind, “Yea, you did get it highlighted.” But my office mates really seem to think my hair looked good. One comment was that it was subtle and subtle was the look I was going for.
The real test will come when my “what not to wear friend” comes around, Shari Braendel. She, with the love of Jesus has reshaped many of us around the office and I love her dearly. Check out her site, All and all I will say that I got more than my money’s worth. I am very pleased with my new look.