New Things

I love new things, not necessarily expensive things, new and different things. It is neat to discover new things, even when you are a little apprehensive. This past week I tried several new things. I thought I would share them:

First of course blogging. I am still learning about it. I told my best friend she needed to post something so it would look like someone is reading my blog. She tried and said she couldn’t because the of my settings. The settings were set to team members only. I did not know I had a blog team. What is a blog team anyway? So, I went to settings and changed it. I eagerly await her post.

Second New Thing: I have now entered into the wireless world. Call me slow, but…I’ve been busy raising children for a few years. I am not sure what WI-FI is but I think that is what I am. Again, I am still learning. I have a young friend who hangs out with us, she is like one of the family, I am marveled by what she knows. I am sure she is marveled by what I don’t know.

Third New Thing: I let this sweet young friend highlight my hair last night at 8:00. She was very scared but because she knows so much I thought surely she can follow instructions and do a great job and guess what, she did. It looks great!!! I am so cheap, I did not want to pay a stylist to do the job. I think I have found a new color stylist. I think I need to let her know this.

Fourth New Thing: Crystal Light to Go. What great idea!! Little packets of lemonade or other flavors you take with you to add to water. I love it!

Another thing that I learned this week came from one of my favorite authors, O.C. (aka Oswald Chambers.) Listen to what I read: Having the reality of God’s presence is not dependent on our being in a particular circumstance or place but is only dependent on our determination to keep the Lord before us continually. I love profound thoughts. Reading and understanding O.C. makes me feel smarter than I really am. I learned the reality of Christ’s presence is up to me. I must keep Him continually before me. He is in the midst of my current circumstances even if I don’t sense Him performing “miraculous moves” at this present time.

Is God teaching you anything new this week? Not just kool-aid or hair color, something profound.