Welcome to Bible Study LIVE

Hello Friends! Welcome to the home of the Book Launch LIVE teachings for The 320 Life online Bible Study. I am thrilled that you have accepted my invitation to the discover the life you’ve always wanted. My prayer has been, and will continue to be, for the Lord to undeniably manifest Himself in you through the power of Holy Spirit and the authority of His precious timeless Word.

Oh dear one, be willing to go the distance in this journey, oh, and it is a journey. Don’t stop, or turn back when the road becomes difficult. You are about to embark on a journey in the right direction, to a right relationship with Christ, in order to discover the life you’ve always wanted and wondered to how to have. The 320 life principles are tools that Holy Spirit will use, in agreement with God’s Word to cultivate trust in God, invite revelation from God, and welcome freedom with God. I’m so excited for you!!!

The 320 life principles, or you might even call them disciplines, are not a 1-2-3 presto formula to receive everything you ever wanted in life. They are cyclical in nature, and become a way of life that establishes an intimacy with Christ that you will never want to be without, and will want others to have.

The study is 4 weeks. In each LIVE teaching I lay the foundation for the week’s study so you are well-prepared for what you will learn in the book. These teaching hold hands beautifully with everything you will learn in the book. Don’t have a book? Follow this link.

I wish would could meet in-person each week, especially at the conclusion, so we could discuss what the Lord is doing in your life through the study. Since we can’t meet, maybe you can email me to share what God taught you, how He challenged you, and how you experienced Him in a new and fresh way. I can be reached at [email protected].


  1. Can’t wait for the study to start. It is 2:37 am on the west coast and I am snuggled in my “bed pants” and opening my 320 Life….pretty good, huh?

    PS I always love the pics of you and your short hair. Very flattering 🥰

  2. Hi Wendy,
    I just listened to the first live Bible study.
    Thank you so much!!!! God is using you to bless me right where I am at in my journey of life. My circumstances have changed in the past few years. It is not what I thought my life should look like. I have been discouraged and lost a bit of hope.
    Your teaching really encouraged my heart!! It is right where I am at in my life.
    Keep on letting God direct you. Thanks for your obedience to reach out in this Bible study.


  3. This new study is totally amazing. I absolutely love the way it’s all laid out. So easy to follow and find everything we need

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