Caring for Those Who Cared for Us

I recently had the wonderful opportunity and privilege to collaborate with my friend Jill Savage at The No More Perfect Podcast on project very near to my heart.

Most of you are aware that both my parents, and Scott’s mom moved to heaven last year. The years leading up their moving in with Jesus were a learning experience for us. There are so MANY things to do and put in place to help our loved ones finish well. I came to learn Jill had similar experience when her father moved to heaven.

Jill and I joined together to bring you this podcast, Practical Ways to Plan for a Loved Ones Move to Heaven. It is our prayer that is not only informative but encourages you as you prepare one day to be a caregiver of an aging or ill loved one, but as you yourself prepare for those who will one day care for you.

Follow the link below to listen:

Practical Ways to Plan for a Loved Ones Move to Heaven.

Be blessed my friends!

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