TGFABT – Psalm 49

Understanding Riches

“A man who has riches without understanding is a like the beasts that perish.”
Psalm 49:20

The higher interests of the soul cannot be affected permanently by anything so uncertain and transitory as riches. Barnes

Understanding   biyn (bene)

 I decided to include these after all.

  • and understandeth not; from whence his riches and honour, come,
  • and what use he should make of them,
  • and for what end he has them;
  • or that understandeth not spiritual things, which relate to the salvation of his soul; who does not know God in Christ,
  • nor the way of salvation by Christ;
  • nor has any experience of the work of the Spirit of God upon his soul;
  • nor has any spiritual understanding of the doctrines of the Gospel;
  • nor knows himself, his state and condition, and what true happiness is: Gill

he is like the beasts that perish; becoming mortal in his body, and brutish and stupid in his understanding. Gill

Proper Investing and Understanding Riches:

  • Doesn’t count on wealth or physical comforts to create happiness
  • Utilizes all resources (time, talents, tithes) for the Kingdom
  • Gives out of abundance not our leftovers
When you put others needs and wants first, you will always have your needs and wants taken care of. ~Demond Moss

Deuteronomy 16:17
Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you.

 Proverbs 22:9
He who is generous will be blessed, for he gives some of his food to the poor.

Study Questions

Psalm 49

Truth Tuesday

Journal: What is truth is God teaching your truth Psalm 49?

Invest in the right things. Give out of my abundance which is not necessarily money.

Word Study Wednesday

Let’s take a deeper look at the word  understanding.  At first glance the definitions appear to be the same. Reading them more carefully you will notice the word feel  in the definition of the first occurrence. This suggests the deep feeling of the psalmist’s understanding of the message he was delivering, while also suggesting the probability of success, discernment, and rational direction without feeling as used in the second occurrence.

Oh that we would have all wisdom and all understanding, Spirit lead and Word feed.

My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the meditation of my heart will give you understanding.” Psalm 49:3

Bin (bene) 995
attend, consider, be cunning, diligently, direct, discern, eloquent, feel,A primitive root; to separate mentally (or distinguish), i.e.(generally) understand — attend, consider, be cunning, diligently, direct, discern, eloquent, feel, inform, instruct.

People who have wealth but lack understanding are like the beasts that perish.” Psalm 49:20

Tebunah (taw-boon’) 8394
intelligence; by implication, discretion, reason, skillfulness, understanding, wisdom.
It could mean intelligence, rational ability, moral discernment, insight, capacity or discerning the right course of action or skill.

Thankful Thursday

Journal: Tell God something that you are thankful for.

I am thankful God for the understanding and wisdom God gives me.

Faith Stretching/Strengthening Friday

Journal: How is God stretching/strengthening your faith?

God strengthened my faith by a better understanding of the word understanding.