TGFABT – Psalm 1

My Take Aways

When we watch our relationships and watch our delights God watches over our ways.

Watch our Relationships

Walk to go, come, accompany be lead astray, become

Wicked – raw shaw
Criminal, hostile toward God, guilty of sin against God or man

Blessed–     esher Hebrew
Happy (delighted, pleased, or glad,), blessedness

Watch our Delights

Delight in His Word

Like as water and sun are nourishment plants, trees, and things that bloom, God’s Word is our nourishment.  When we separate ourselves from our nourishment we become weak and unproductive.

Meditate means more than reading.  It is easy to read the Word, check off our list and not receive nourishment.

Reflect, think deeply about, opposite is ignore

We are expected to apply God’s Word, not ignore it.

Nourishment produces change.

The wrong nourishment –wrong change
TV, Media, Secular influences, water cooler company at work

The right nourishment –right change
Bible study, corporate worship, Christian music and media, friends who are walking with and growing in their relationship with God (not perfect but advancing).

God Watches over our ways

I want Him watching over me, don’t you?


Ignoring is the opposite of meditate.

Word Study

Psalm 1:6

“For the LORD knoweth the way of the righteous but the way of the ungodly shall perish.”( KJV)

“For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.” (NIV)

Watches is translated more closely as knoweth, meaning:

yada-  (yaw-dah’)

to know (properly, to ascertain by seeing); used in a great variety of senses, figuratively, literally, euphemistically and inferentially (including observation, care, recognition; and causatively, instruction, punishment, etc.)

He knows. He watches. He cares. He recognizes, instructs, and punishes.

He. Is. God.


Thankful today God watches my way.

Faith Stretching/Strengthening

God is stretching me by challenging my nourishment.


  1. Hi! Wendy and sisters:
    This Psalm 1 last year stopped me from going on the wrong direction in my life. It just turned it around for good.
    I’m happy that in my youth I have read the word of God enough to be able to recognize his voice .
    Let it began with me! Why do you think you feel so unsastisfy in the inside , Alicia ? Who are your friends? Have you noticed that you haven’t been happy for a long time?
    This is your real source of your happiness Alicia ” God in your life is your delight”.
    I have changed direction; I have changed friends; and I have gone back to church too. I’m grateful that in my youth, I have spend enough time reading God’s word to a point that after so many years I recognized his voice when calling , re-premanding me. Thank to God , Praise him always.

  2. Hi – to who ever is reading this comment. I have just signed up to do Psalm1-41 studies. Following on from finishing Psalms 53-69 studies, so in a sense I am jumping backwards. Yet God’s Word is what it is.. ‘ Alive and active..’ as Wendy said in her instruction video.
    As a response to the Faith stretching/strengthening for Psalm 1, I have written this in my notebook, so will share it here ” I challenge myself to really KNOW God’s Word, to learn to absorb it in my mind and heart, truly meditate on it daily. Recalling these words from Psalm 119 ” I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you”. iIam hoping this comment will join with others who are currently doing this fabulous study.

  3. I just paid for Trusting God For A Better Tomorrow with video’s and I am not yet able to log in. I already have an account with you for Reading Thru The Word can this other course not be added to my current log in user name and password? I know you are away at She Speaks right now, so I will wait to here from you. I will forward you my PayPal receipt for payment of Trusting God For A Better Tomorrow.

  4. I bet you are tired of getting this information but I am not able to even view the Psalm 1 video or get to that page. Sorry for your frustration but the new page looks great!

  5. I have been doing the RTW since January 2015. Yesterday I decided to sign up for the Psalms and purchased the ebook, journal and video. Today, I went to do my RTW study and it said I didn’t have permission, but it let me do the Psalms. I emailed Wendy. I hope this gets resolved. I should be able to do both studies right? I’m worried that I won’t be able to continue my RTW study. Praying it all gets resolved.

  6. I purchased the download for the Video Psalm 1-41 on May 1st and I have tried to get information on how to download them. I had earlier downloaded the book with no problems. I have emailed Wendy with the Pay Pal receipt number, Looking forward to getting started. Thank you for help with this problem.


  7. Just signed up for Psalms , loving it so far. The first Psalm has so much relevance in my life what is going on with me now, is due to my relationships an not getting enough nourishment from the right sources.

  8. Hello, anyone who is presently working on this study! I am starting Psalm 1 this week.
    I can really relate to recognizing and making changes in my life as this Psalm challenges us to do. About 3-4 years ago I went through a rough patch of evaluating the responsibility I had in my own life and behavior and way of thinking. Prior to this, I had instead downplayed my accountability because of other people and circumstances (blaming them, basically, and trying to use it as an excuse for my behavior.) I gave real thought to what I was meditating on (thinking about) and nourishing myself with basically, and did some heavy duty pruning. I quit my job and focused on my husband and kids, trusted God to help us make ends meet during this healing time, cut out social media and talking to “friends” I knew I couldn’t rely on for right advice, and purged clothes, music, books, movies, whatever else I felt was clouding my thoughts and that was or could be a bad influence because I wasn’t strong. Plumb’s, “Need you now (How many times)” was like my theme song that year! It has been quite a journey, but it is always ongoing, because you can always do better, right?
    I looked up counsel, and it says it can be instruction given in directing the judgment or conduct of another.
    Not only do I not want to “walk in the counsel of the wicked,” but I want to be careful in my influence on others I am around, especially my kids so I am not wicked counsel myself.
    When I don’t drink enough water during the day, I can feel terrible, drained, and even grouchy. I know I have similar symptoms if I ignore promptings to pray and read my Bible.

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