Worship Anyone?

Steven Curtis Chapman wrote a song called Moments Made for Worshipping. Steven sings about the everyday moments of life that seem insignificant. He proclaims that these are the exact times in our lives that are made worshipping. Read the first verse:

“6:30 Monday morning, I’m here hiding in my bed.
A song plays on my alarm clock.
As I cover up my head.
But somewhere in the distance,
I remember yesterday,
Singing ‘Hallelujah” full of wonder, awe and grace.
But now I’m just wondering,
Why I don’t feel anything at all?

This is a moment made for worshipping. ‘Cause this is a moment I’m alive. And this is a moment I was made to sing a song of living sacrifice. For every moment that I live and breathe this is a moment made for worshipping.”

God brought to my mind a beautiful worship song this morning as I reflected on some crazy events that happened over last 12 hours of my life. Events where He showed up and made His presence known to me and filled my deepest needs. I begin to sing the song out loud and mixed up the words. So, I did what I always do when I need information, I went on the “information highway” and googled the song until I found the words. I would love for to you make this a moment to worship the Lord with me today. Follow the link below and sing to the Lord this song of praise, even if you don’t feel like you have anything to praise Him for right now. Praising when you don’t feel like it is real sacrifice. You are offering something you don’t really have to a God who has it all and wants to give it to you. Feel His presence right with you as you sing along: