Worship Today

Anyone need a mountain moved?

Our God is a Mountain Mover!

Worship Today

No matter what…Hallelujah any how!


Pencils in the Pew

Every Sunday was the same. Scott and I would take the children to their respective classes then go to our class. After Sunday School we would pick the children up  and go to the sanctuary for what we call Big Church. We take our seats in the same pew in the balcony. Each week they would be […]

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Changing the Way I Pray Challenge

A woman who prays

Another devotion about prayer. Another blog post about prayer. {Sigh} “I pray all the time and nothing changes.” I know how you feel. I used to yawn when I heard another word about prayer. Please don’t yawn and hang in there with me. First let clarify something right out of the gate, I am not an […]

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