I Heard You

Yes Lord, I hear you clearly and I clearly don’t like what I hear.

Am I the only one who has ever felt this way?

I was facing a few personal decisions. (To protect loved ones I can’t share the details.)The responses I would give would either be godly or stubborn. Personally, I was leaning toward the stubborn. Digging my heals in to prove I’m right sounded pretty good to me. Yes. That is what I was gonna do. Dig my heals in. Be right.

With the stubborn attitude I continued having my regular quiet times with the Lord but dared not ask Him about the situation. I didn’t need to discuss the matter with Him. I already knew what He would say and I did not want to hear it.

Can you guess what happened next?

One morning I woke up and innocently opened my Bible to continue my daily reading. In the dark of the morning I was confronted with the light of the truth, truth I needed to hear but didn’t want to hear. I completed my reading and bowed my head to pray.

Lord, I hear you clearly and I clearly don’t like it what I hear.

What happened next will make you laugh.

I arrive at work. Minding my own business I hear conversation about the issue I was facing. Seriously? This is getting on my nerves. Girls, I could not get away from Him or His truth. It was chasing me everywhere.

How is a woman supposed to respond to the relentless pursuit of a loving God? You got it… surrender. Did I suddenly change my stubborn attitude? No. But I decided I loved God more than my rightness. I was confident that in the moment, God would supply what I needed to do what He wanted. Ultimately doing what God wants is best for me and brings Him glory.

And… I was right. I followed through in obedience to scripture and even managed to have a good attitude about it. And my rightness? I wasn’t right, scripture was.

If you are sitting on the fence of surrender, just say yes to God. You can go wrong doing what is right.

Worship Today

I can’t get enough of this song. I have to listen to it at least once a day.

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