Talking Teenager

Hey Friends—

Today I want to celebrate my friend Lynn Cowell

She has a unique gift. She speaks a language I do not speak. She speaks teenager. If you have a teenager or know someone who has a teenager you know how special this gift is.

This week she is releasing her latest book, Magnetic. Visit the Magnetic  Website to find the answers to teenage questions like:

Why don’t guys like me?

How do make wise decisions?

Starting Middle School?

She is offering freebies and Proverbs 31 Ministries book store is accepting pre-orders!

Well done! Thanks Lynn for lovin’ our teenager girls.


Worship Today

One of my all time favorite Brooklyn Tab’s worship songs.

The Best Yes

Here is you link to purchase The Best Yes. Hey and also check out the 

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Worship Today

This is my desire. What about you?

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