Unteach Me Revised

Revised Again…

I pretty sure I mentioned that I felt God would be adjusting my original Unteach Me prayer, and He did. I thought I would share the updated prayer.

Did anyone decide to make this their prayer for 2015?

 Unteach Me.

Unteach me Lord.

Shake away what has become part of me that shouldn’t be.

Consume me with all things that ought to be.


Unforgiveness with Grace

Comparison with Acceptance

Pride with Humility 

Anger with Joy 

Conflict with Resolution

Hate with Love

Complaining with Praise

Prejudice with Acceptance

Jealousy with Contentment 

War with Peace

Unbelief with Belief

Stubbornness with Submission

Selfishness with Compromise

Unteach Me Lord.

©wendy pope 2015


Refresh Button

Who doesn’t want to live a redeemed life? Well, unless we understand what redeemed means then maybe that question is hard to answer. So let’s have a little Q&A.

What does redeemed mean?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary redeemed means:

  • to make something that is bad, unpleasant, better or more acceptable
  • to exchange something
  • to buy back something

What does this have to do with me?

We were unpleasant to say the least. Lost in sin. In a word, bad. God, seeing our unpleasant, lost in sin, and bad state sent Someone better and more acceptable as an exchange for our unpleasant, lost in sin, and bad state. His Son’s name – Jesus.

God bought our life back by the giving of Son so that we can live eternally with Him.

If you believe this simple truth and have confessed your sin to God then you are saved—you are redeemed.

How do I live redeemed?

  • Believe that are and live like you believe.
  • Leave the pains and failures of the past in past.
  • Live God’s Word. Let it shape your present and create your future.
  • When you run into a pause and feel weak in your faith, hit refresh on some of your favorite scripture to remind you that you are redeemed.

Psalm 23

  • He gives all you need. (v1)
  • He lets you to rest. (v2)
  • He leads you. (v2)
  • He renews you. (v3)
  • He guides you. (v3)
  • He keeps you company. (v4)
  • He protects you. (v4)
  • He raises you up. (v5)
  • He honors you. (v5)
  • He pursues you. (v6)
  • He will spend eternity with you. (v6)

I love pressing refresh. I love being redeemed.

That’s all.

Just Say Yes

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Living in How Long

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