Reshaping Me

“Since we are living by the Spirit, let us follow the Spirit’s leading in every part of our lives.” Galatians 5:25 (NLT)

It was supposed to be a day filled with the simple pleasure of getting my hair cut. But rather than just a reshaping of my unruly mop, God planed a reshaping of my character.

Others might find their simple pleasures in sunny spring days on the porch, cool fall evenings with the family toasting marshmallows, or the company of a good friend.

Me? One of my favorite pleasures is hair cut day.

It was one of those ordinary days, and a haircut was on my agenda. My appointment was a week overdue, my roots were screaming, and I was anxious to have my messy hair reshaped. Driving to the salon, I smiled thinking how much I would enjoy the experience.

Little did I know God had a more important experience planned.

After my cut, style, and primping time had ended, I grabbed my purse to pay for my new ‘do. “Before I go,” I said to my stylist, “I need to use your bathroom.”

Walking in, I immediately noticed the dirty ring around the toilet bowl, the matching ring in the sink, and well, the gross things that form around the base of the commode.

Disgusted, I began to criticize and question the sanitation regulations of the salon. In the midst of my mumblings I sensed the Holy Spirit whispering things I didn’t want to hear.

“No. You can’t be serious,” I argued.

Again I heard His whisper. Again I debated. I found myself teetering. Would I follow the Holy Spirit’s direction or flush, wash, and leave?

Frozen, I was unable to move toward the door. My only option was to yield. I looked around at the various cleaning products, took a deep breath, grabbed a handful of paper towels and a worn out toilet brush and began to obey the Spirit’s direction.

I wasn’t thrilled or interested in doing a good job. I wanted to hurry and get out. But while on my hands and knees, scrubbing and wiping, the reshaping continued as I heard the whisper, “As you would your own.”

It wasn’t enough that I had yielded; God wanted my heart to be right. So I continued cleaning, with greater fervor, as if it were my own bathroom. As I worked to change the bathroom, the Lord changed me. My pride turned to humility as I thought about the next person who would enter the restroom. Envisioning the look on her face as she smelled the fresh clean aroma and saw sparkling chrome brought me great joy. This joy melted away my stubbornness as I experienced God’s delight.

Today, tomorrow, or in the future you will be given the opportunity to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading as Galatians 5:25 tells us to do. Maybe you will not be asked to clean a bathroom, but there is no doubt your choice to seize or ignore your opportunity will reshape your character. How will you respond?

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  1. Wendy, thank you for sharing your story today. First, I have had those same thoughts about restrooms!! We are so alike. :)

    But I am not surprise you responded this way. The Lord knows your heart of obedience and your heart to serve. You are AMAZING. Thank you for blessing us with this story today.

    Love you,

    Wendy 1 (maybe just for today Wendy 2) Ha!!

  2. Jeanne Rumbley says:

    Oh Wendy!!! Your post just made me appreciate you even more. This incident shows me just how closely you “Hear and Obey”!!! I know that God was rejoicing over you as in His word states in Zephaniah 3:17. ;) I often use that verse with my 3 grandchildren when they do something that they don’t want to do; I tell them that “Jesus” is so happy that he/she listened to Him that He is singing over them. They just smile, just as I’m sure you are right now.
    What a way to yield unto His Holy Spirit,
    Mema Jeanne

  3. God has been working on my heart to be more humble and to be totally dependent on him. I tend to rely on my own strength or look to man to be the answer when I should be looking to God for everything. Your post Wendy has reminded me of how many times I should have yielded to the Holy Spirit and things would have turned out better. I am on my way to being who God has called me to be and through the pruning process, I know it is all working out for my good. Thank you for you encouraging words.

  4. I just chuckled at this, as I too have done this, but not out in a public bathroom. Love your yielding to the call:)

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