TGFABT – Psalm 12

“We will triumph with our tongues; we own our lips.”

Psalm 12:14



We live in a world where white lies are acceptable, half-truths are  considered not harmful, and deception is tolerated.

The words of the unfaithful and ungodly (V1)

A false statement made with deliberate intent to deceive; an intentional untruth (V2)

Insincere praise or compliment (V2)

To mislead by false appearance or statement (V2)

To speak with exaggeration and excessive pride, especially about oneself (V3)


The words of the Lord are flawless (V6)

A verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like

An expression of praise, commendation, or admiration:

Honorable in principles, intentions, and actions; upright and fair

Having or showing a moderate or humble estimate of one’s merits, importance, etc.; free from vanity, egotism, boastfulness,

Matthew 12:34b

James 3:9-12

Psalm 19:14

Psalm 119:11

Ephesians 4:29



Psalm 12:7
“O LORD, you will keep us safe and protect us from such people forever.”

Such things are happening: lies, flattering, , deception, and boasting therefore such people (I can be a “such people.”) God will protect me and keep me safe.  He will even protect and keep me safe from me. (I can be a “such people.”)  He will protect and keep me safe from other “such people” around me of which I am unaware of.

This huge for me:  His protection might mean pain.  The pain can come in many forms: ending a relationship, changing jobs, changing churches,  or asking a rebellious child to move out.  I have to remember that there is purpose in pain.  It is teacher and though He allows me to experience it, He protection is always over me.

Word Study

Psalm 12:7
“O LORD, you will keep us safe and protect us from such people forever. ”

Natsar (naw-tsar’)
To watch, guard, keep, observe

I am reminded of  Psalm 11:4 form last week’s study.  The Lord is on His Heavenly throne watching, guarding, keeping, and observing all things.  Nothing goes unnoticed.  Nothing flies under His radar.  Even though I think or feel like He is ignoring all that is happening, He is not.



I am so grateful to be invited in to God’s story through prayer.  I am humbled to pray for my friends and the things that are burdening them.


Faith Stretching/Strengthening

How is God stretching your faith?

Keep watch over my lips.  Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be pleasing to you.and wisdom as I plan and  pack.  He has taken all my anxieties away.

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